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Wheel Loader

The Doosan DL250 High Lift wheel loader is designed to load stockpiled, light materials into high-sided trucks and hoppers. The wheel loader is equipped with a 3.4-cu.-yd. bucket and has a dump height of 10 ft., 9 in. with the arms fully raised and the bucket at a 45-degree angle.

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Tracked Belt Feeder

The customizable Grasan tracked belt feeder is designed for short travel from face to conveyor belt lines in quarries, and sand and gravel operations.

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Wearing Compound

DFense Blok is a new, innovative wearing compound that, when used with DFense Blok Surface Wetting Agent, drastically increases drop impact strength over 1-in. ceramic tile (as tested using 85-lb. weight with 0.25-sq.-in. striking surface). The wetting agent is a 2-part thixotropic epoxy gel system that improves the ease of application and cured adhesion properties of the wearing compound.

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Slurry Valve

ITT Corp.’s latest innovation, the Fabri-Valve 33 PTA push-through slurry valve, is specifically designed to withstand harsh slurry applications. The 33 PTA incorporates proprietary sleeve technology and a wide body design that together maximize valve life.

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Chute and Bin Heating System

The Chute-HTR, manufactured by Thermo-Tech, Inc., is a new system designed to prevent material freeze in chutes and bins in cold weather conditions. According to the company, the patent-pending product is economical, costing only a fraction of that to construct an enclosure around chutes and bins.

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