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Tool-Control System

For industries around the world, precise, efficient tool control can mean the difference between project success and failure. With the introduction of the automated Level 5 ATC tool-control system from Snap-on Industrial, advanced digital imaging technology delivers another layer of security in applications that extend from standard jobs to highly controlled, mission-critical functions. In addition to day-to-day issues like inefficient maintenance practices or critical tool breakdown, fore-object damage and maintaining strict foreign-material exclusion procedures pose a whole new level of risk.

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Vertical Slurry Pump Series

Mining companies seeking an efficient way to handle abrasive slurry have a new solution: GIW Industries’ ZW Vertical Slurry Pump Series, a durable, low-maintenance and affordable pump for vertical sump requirements. Although the ZW Vertical Slurry Pump  can easily withstand the rigors of many mining applications, its basic design makes it one of the market's easiest pumps to maintain.

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To comply with new ISO standards, Doosan announced that effective immediately, its applicable new mid-range size hydraulic excavators will now be equipped with roll-over protective structure (ROPS)-certified cabs. The cabs will conform to the new ROPS standard established by ISO 12117-2: 2008, which applies to ROPS for hydraulic excavators as defined in ISO 6165 with a working mass of more than 6 metric tons and less than 50 metric tons.

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Portable Scale - Cardinal Scale Mfg

Cardinal Scale’s electronic portable model 760 series axle load scales offer mobile weighing with made-in-the-U.S.A. quality, according to the company. The scales come with two low-profile weighing modules with durable checkered steel deck construction and are designed to be used in lower-traffic applications where a full static truck scale is not necessary.

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Belt Tracking - Flexco

Flexco introduces the PT Smart Belt Trainer, developed to further enhance its line of belt-tracking products. The PT Smart will join the Belt Positioner and the innovative heavy-duty PT Max Belt Trainer as an option for “medium-duty” tensioned belts. The economical and versatile PT Smart works with both mechanical and vulcanized belts, is made of durable materials, and is easy-to-install. 

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