Explosion-Proof Motors

The new XP100 line of explosion-proof motors, from Siemens Industry Inc., are specifically designed for hazardous operating environments such as the petrochemical and chemical processing, mining and grain-handling industries.

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Cartridge Cleaners

Flexco has expanded its line of Service Advantage Cartridge cleaners. The company has simplified installation and maintenance of the cartridge for the Mineline MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaner and added the feature to its P-Type Secondary Cleaner and R-Type Reversing Secondary Cleaner.

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Screening Bucket

Displayed for the first time at the 2011 ConExpo-Con/Agg show, the EXC180 screening bucket from Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd, is suitable for 40- to 50-ton excavators. The EXC180 features a bucket opening of 96 in. x 24 in., and offers a screening capacity of approximately 2.3 cu. yd. (full internal capacity is 6.9 cu. yd.).  Intended for tough applications, the unit includes a host of features designed to enhance durability such as double-size vanes and thick wall plates. Additionally, the interchangeable screens are built from high-tensile steel mesh for enhanced strength and durability. There are seven standard screen sizes ranging from 1/2 to 4 in., with custom sizes available upon request. The EXC180 replaces the excavator’s bucket and works by rotating 360-degrees continuously, on a single axis. In a clockwise motion, the EXC180 removes smaller particles through an easily interchangeable screen, while a baffle retains larger material, up to the size of a 44-gal. drum, so that it may be dumped separately.  Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd., www.flipscreen.net

Pelletizing Disc

The new Haver Pelletizing Disc efficiently converts wasteful fines into a transportable and marketable pelletized product. The fines are mixed inside the disc (up to 25 ft./7,500 mm in diameter) with a binder, such as bentonite, and an additive that adheres to the material. As the disc rotates at up to 10 rpm, the materials agglomerate into salable pellets consistently sized between 0.35 and 0.63 in. (9 and 16 mm) in diameter at up to 150 tph. According to W.S. Tyler, the Haver Pelletizing Disc minimizes recirculation loads typical of traditional pelletizing discs by up to 20 percent, and reduces energy costs up to 5 percent through its direct-drive technology. To achieve these large efficiency increases, the discs are engineered so operators can automatically adjust sidewall height between 22 and 35.4 in. (560 and 900 mm) during operation at a rate of 0.04 in. (1 mm) per second – a patented feature new to the industry. W.S. Tyler, www.wstyler.ca

Diesel Fuel Tanks

The new Transcube XS line of containerized diesel fuel tanks provides an eco-friendly solution for heavy-duty, on-demand fuel supply. The CSC and UL 142 certified tanks are double-walled and offer a unique containment design to eliminate the risk of spills.

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