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Bin Level Sensors

The latest version of the HMI2 control console provides local operator interface for Monitor Technologies’ continuous bin level sensors.

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Extracted Key Adaptor

The E1 from Fortress Interlocks is an extracted key adaptor the company has added to its amGard range of modular safety gate switch interlocks.

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Fiber Optic Cable

Optical Cable Corp.’s MSHA-certified tight-buffered breakout cable is designed to extend high speed communications deep underground, while withstanding thermal extremes, physical hazards and even falling debris in mining operations.

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Clutch Brakes

Featuring oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning – all without adjustment and low maintenance – the Posidyne clutch brakes are ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles.

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Crushing Plant

The road-portable KRH1315 impact crusher plant can crush concrete and asphalt rubble and C&D debris at rates up to 400 tph and shot limestone at up to 500 tph.

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