Schenck Touts Launch of CONiQ Control

PTP092120 Schenck

CONiQ Control is a highly flexible control and automation system with many options for use in industrial measuring, weighing and automation technology. Schenck Process standardized the use of a common controller platform for a wide variety of processes for the first time. The hardware and software components are optimized with regard to the user interface, connectivity (IIOT), configurability and calibration…

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Schenck Vertical Cartridge Filter for Industrial Dust Collection

PTP Schenck July31

Schenck Process has introduced a new Vertical Cartridge Filter (VCF) that removes industrial dust while incorporating a unique design for handling medium to high air volumes. The new dust collector comes equipped with many time- and cost-savings features. An easy-to-use cartridge clamp system simplifies replacement of the filter media minimizing maintenance time and lowering overall cost of operation. The filter…

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Schenck Process Coupled In-Motion Rail Scale System

PTP Schenck

Schenck Process achieved U.S. legal-for-trade status for its single weighing section, coupled in-motion rail scale system. The certification process was completed in February 2018, and Schenck Process was issued the NTEP Certificate of Conformance 14-067A1. MultiTrain LegalWeight is revolutionary in the rail weighing industry with the fastest installation and lowest track out-of-service time, thus eliminating industry interruption and lost revenue,…

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