Transload Facility Targets Dust Control

DustPRO LLC has installed its first DustPRO Application Unit in the Northeast region at a transload facility operated by Matriculated Services, LLC. The first-of-its-kind DustPRO Application Unit was seamlessly integrated with existing site operations at the Morgantown Industrial Park in Morgantown, W.Va., and the first job coated 5,000 tons of sand to reduce airborne particles and crystalline silica exposure at…

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Keeping Your Dust Under Control, the Economical Way

96 DustControl 150

By Bill Campbell We all know that dust control is a challenging problem for onsite management of aggregate facilities. The time and expense required to maintain an environmentally friendly work area can get costly, and the threat of expensive citations can be troublesome. A comprehensive chemical treatment program, used properly, can minimize dust for extended periods of time and reduce…

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Conveyor Inspection Program Reduces Costs, Improves Safety

Martin Engineering Conveyor Inspection Program Reduces Costs, Improves Safety

Martin Engineering is helping conveyor users reduce operating costs and improve safety with inspection and maintenance programs designed specifically for each individual system. The company’s Walk the Belt program provides regularly scheduled reviews of belts, cleaners, tracking, chutes, dust control and other components from experienced specialists with the training and expertise to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Featuring immediate transfer…

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