Sand Prices Boosted by Addition of Drill Rigs

Shale drillers have added 158 rigs since May, according to Baker Hughes Inc. At the same time, companies such as Chesapeake Energy Corp. and EOG Resources Inc. have been increasing their efficiency by cramming more and more sand into individual wells, aiming to extend their reach miles further. That’s boosted sand prices roughly 25 percent to about $24 a ton, according to…

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Sandvik Announces Southeast Alaska Dealer

DIST Tyler Rental

Sandvik announced Ketchikan, Alaska-headquartered Tyler Rental Inc. [] as its new distributor for surface and rotary drill rigs, rock tools, load & haul and mobile crushing & screening equipment throughout southeast Alaska. The dealer will not only be supplying a comprehensive range of Sandvik equipment, but will also be providing full aftermarket care, spare parts and dedicated customer service. Becoming…

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Atlas Copco Offers Two Drill Rigs

68 FlexiROC 150

Drillers looking for more versatility from a drill rig will appreciate the features that earn the compact, radio remote-controlled Atlas Copco FlexiROC T20 its ranking as best in class, the company said. The rig’s upgrades come in response to input from drillers. Not everything has changed. Commonality of parts with Atlas Copco well proven drill rigs such as the FlexiROC…

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Sandvik Drill-Safety Standards Apply Globally

43 Sandvik 150

Sandvik continues to develop drill rigs with safety in mind. Driven by the EN 16228 safety standard in England, the drill rigs also bring a special emphasis on safety to the global aggregates and mining industries. One of the major improvements in the standard is the revised requirement to better protect operators and other personnel from the entanglement hazard caused…

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Rocking the Volcanoes

Rocking the Volcanoes. A Contractor Drills Rock in Hawaii with a New Generation of High-Tech Rigs.

A CONTRACTOR DRILLS ROCK IN HAWAII WITH A NEW GENERATION OF HIGH-TECH RIGS. By Mark S. Kuhar Over many eons, volcanoes have erupted from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and formed the Hawaiian Islands, which slowly rise from the bottom. Today, those mountains of volcanic rock are a boon for Blasting Technology Inc., a drilling and blasting company that…

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Atlas Copco Secoroc COP 66 Hammer is Faster, Lighter, Shorter


The new COP 66 hammer and its new platform design represent real innovation in down-the-hole drilling, according to Atlas Copco. You can see and feel the difference yourself: shorter, lighter, no exhaust tube and a solid bit with no center flushing hole. But the most surprising difference is that the hammer is even easier to operate. With COP 66, penetration…

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