Rocking the Volcanoes

Rocking the Volcanoes. A Contractor Drills Rock in Hawaii with a New Generation of High-Tech Rigs.

A CONTRACTOR DRILLS ROCK IN HAWAII WITH A NEW GENERATION OF HIGH-TECH RIGS. By Mark S. Kuhar Over many eons, volcanoes have erupted from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and formed the Hawaiian Islands, which slowly rise from the bottom. Today, those mountains of volcanic rock are a boon for Blasting Technology Inc., a drilling and blasting company that…

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Orica Uni Tronic 600 an Advance in Technology

Orica mining services uni_tronic 600

The Orica uni tronic 600 is one of three systems within the company’s Next Generation range and represents a significant advance in blasting technology, according to the company. At the heart of the system is a more sophisticated ASIC, providing greater levels of safety and reliability. With new features such as on-bench testing and improved fully programmable millisecond timing, gains can be…

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