Michael Quillen

RS051820 Quillen

Michael Quillen was awarded the Virginia Tech William H. Ruffner Medal for 2020. The Ruffner Medal is the university’s highest honor. Quillen, a resident of Bristol, Va., was recognized for his achievements during the spring 2020 University Commencement Ceremony. “Being named a Ruffner Medal recipient by Virginia Tech is one of the most significant recognitions I have ever received,” said…

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Operators Must File Accident Reports of Contractors Under Their Control

By Ellen Smith The unambiguous language of accident reporting requirements of §50.20(a) impose an unconditional duty of operators to submit accident reports to MSHA when contractor employees are injured at the operator’s mine when those employees are under the control of the operator, according to a ruling of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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