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U.S. Distributors Take a Steady, But Slow Approach to B2B Ecommerce

DN101719 DigitalCommercelogoBusiness-to-business ecommerce is taking hold among the more than 400,000 U.S. distributors and wholesalers that sell a wide array of goods and services to business buyers, according to Digital Commerce 360 Research's latest report. The 2019 B2B Distributor 300 details how far U.S. distributors have come with B2B ecommerce and how fast distributors and wholesalers of all sizes need to be if they want to meet and exceed the digital purchasing expectations of business buyers.

Today about two-thirds of distributors have a B2B ecommerce site. The pace at which distributors are rolling out or expanding ecommerce varies by company. But as a group, the pace of distribution ecommerce is picking up. Last year ecommerce sales for distributors totaled $712.8 billion and increased 11.3% from $640.2 billion, based on estimates contained in the newly published 2019 B2B Distributor 300.

The 91-page report provides detail on the ecommerce programs of 300 companies, including an estimate of their web sales as a percent of total sales. Data in the report shows how ecommerce is advancing at different rates in each of six important industry categories. The case studies in the B2B Distributor 300 offer useful examples of how distributors and wholesalers in various industries are creating websites and mobile apps that let them serve their customers better – and winning new business as a result.

The report breaks down B2B ecommerce sales and growth trends among U.S. manufacturers of varying size. It includes a detailed analysis of the overall state of the manufacturing industry in B2B ecommerce, including how manufacturers compare by industry and by primary product category on their range of B2B web sales as a percentage of 2018 total sales. The report also features B2B ecommerce best practices and growth trends from distributors.

The 2019 B2B Distributor 300 report can be purchased here.