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Carmeuse Helps with Face Shield Production

As the healthcare profession confronts unprecedented challenges in receiving essential supplies to perform their work under the duress of the COVID-19 pandemic, a local company in Ohio, Premier Industrial Machine led by Carmeuse owner Nick Koval, stepped forward to provide face shields for healthcare providers. 

LN041620 CarmeuseIn order to produce the face shields, there is a need for materials. Carmeuse’s Maple Grove Operation in Ohio joined in the effort with Premier Industrial Machine by donating clear Polycarb plastic for the shields and HDPE natural plastic for the headbands.  

With the support of Kevin Stevenson, site operation manager at the Maple Grove Operation, Nathaniel Freeborn took the lead to provide the two plastic products to Premier Industrial Machine. 

According to Nathaniel Freeborn, “During this time, it is essential that each one of us do something to help those in need. Nick saw a need in our communities and seized the  opportunity to make a difference. I am grateful that Carmeuse was able to help out.” 

Nick Koval also expressed his gratitude in stating, “It is amazing to see the joy on their faces when we make a delivery to a nursing home.”