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Manufacturer, Aggregates Producer in Turnkey Hybrid Power Solution

Simark Controls, a SFC Energy AG company, has won a contract for EFOY's turnkey hybrid power solutions with Okanagan Aggregates Ltd. (OAL). The EFOY solutions provide clean, reliable power for LED lighting and other power consumers at the brake test and replacement locations along the Trans-Canada Highway in Yoho National Park.

OAL was formed in 1984 as a privately owned aggregate crushing and paving company located in Armstrong, BC. Since then, OAL has grown steadily to become a leading Western Canadian road and bridge construction, highway and road maintenance, asphalt paving and milling, aggregate crushing and land development contractor.

EFOY hybrid power solutions are fully self-contained off-grid power suppliers for industrial applications. They automatically deliver sustainable, reliable and maintenance-free off-grid electricity even under the most adverse climatic and environmental conditions and can be customized to the individual power requirements of the respective off-grid application. 

In the EFOY hybrid energy solutions, the EFOY Pro fuel cells from SFC Energy are combined with solar modules. If in bad weather the solar power output is insufficient to charge the batteries, the EFOY Pro fuel cell detects the voltage drop and automatically switches on to bridge the current gap. This keeps the batteries charged around the clock for 100% reliable power to the powered devices.

For use in Yoho National Park, a 500 W EFOY ProCabinet hybrid energy solution is used. In a weatherproof control cabinet, a 500 W EFOY Pro fuel cell, a 120 VAC sine converter and a 48 V to 24 V DC / DC converter in hybrid operation with solar modules on the service stations provide 12 motorway LED lantern systems, sanitary lighting and a small weather station with electricity. 

This solution ensures that power and light are available at the service checkpoints that are important for safety checks at all times. The EFOY hybrid power solution is remotely controlled and remotely controllable and works for over 12 months completely self-sufficient. This saves the operators expensive service trips to the remote locations in winter and overall benefits from simplified service station operating logistics.

"Our green hybrid power systems deliver outstanding fuel economy and reliability, delivering significant savings over their lifetime and enabling extreme emission reductions," said Martin Curtis, managing director of Simark Controls and president of Oil & Gas at SFC Energy. "Our hybrid fuel cell/solar systems are a perfect match for organizations looking for sustainable energy solutions."