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Illumagear’s Halo Makes Safety More Visible

The Halo is a Personal Active Safety System from Illumagear that attaches to any hard hat and produces a ring of light around the wearer enabling him or her to see and be seen in all directions at all times.

The Halo:

  • Produces up to 202 lumens in 360 degrees or 77 candela in Task mode.
  • Actively illuminates the wearer in 360 degrees at all times, making him or her visible more than a quarter mile away. 
  • Is powered by a single, on-board Li-Ion rechargeable battery that provides more than 5.5 hours on highest power and is certified for 500 charge cycles.

“Our mission is to illuminate workers in high-risk environments,” said Max Baker, CEO of Illumagear.

The company recently landed $2.5 million in investment capital to take its product to the next level. “Personal illumination does not solely refer to physical lighting. Businesses in high-risk industries need more insight into their daily operations to improve individual worker safety and productivity. As we move forward, software-enabled hardware will allow us to provide these insights,” Baker said.

Granite Construction is one company now using the product. The company was awarded a resurfacing and repaving project on I-90 a few miles east of Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. This stretch of road endures some of the harshest wear conditions of any Washington state roadway due to extreme temperature fluctuations and heavy truck traffic. A unique part of this project is that the east- and west-bound lanes were resurfaced using different paving techniques so WSDOT could study conditions over the next few years and determine the best system to use going forward.

Granite was looking for the best hard-hat lights for its workers. After the first field trial, Illumagear was invited back for a second. Workers were able to see their task areas better and said they felt safer by being more visible to both the heavy equipment operators and civilian traffic. Granite placed an order for units based on the results of the field tests and intends to make a wider evaluation of The Halo on the project.