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The Night Shift

This will be the last safety column by Randy Logsdon, as he has accepted appointment by the governor of New Mexico to the position of state mine inspector. We thank him for his contributions to Rock Products. – Ed.

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Judge Rejects Quarry’s ‘Fair Notice’ Argument

Judge Margaret Miller upheld several small fines for first-time violations found at Tilcon New York Inc.’s Haverstraw Quarry and Mill in Rockland County, N.Y., but increased a proposed fine from $100 to $1,000 where an area of the quarry lacked berms, and rejected Tilcon’s “fair notice” argument.

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Part 56 Examinations Must Pass ‘Reasonably Prudent Person Test’

Citing 1989 case law under Part 57, the Commission ruled that examinations under §56.18002 must be “adequate” and pass the “reasonably prudent person test.” Violations under the examination standard will be judged as to whether a person familiar with the mining industry would have recognized the prohibition or requirement of the standard. 

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Hazard Appreciation

The Visual Literacy Approach Applies A Systematic Approach To Seeing.

“If it was a snake, it would have bitten you.” That’s the colloquial expression I heard often as I was growing up. It was a favorite response when I was searching for something that was in clear view. It’s meaning, while still figurative, comes much closer to literal when we fail to see clearly present hazards in the workplace that could potentially bite.

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Are Core Values Just A List Of Target Attributes Or Are They True Performance Expectations?

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