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The Pause That Refreshes

By Randy K. Logsdon

A major soft drink manufacturer once adopted the slogan “the pause that refreshes.” Television and magazine ads depicted young people taking a moment from their busy lives to relax and “refresh” while consuming the soft drink.

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Fatalities Hit Month of December

Three fatalities struck the aggregates industry in the month of December. On Dec. 4, a 63-year-old lead man with 16 years of experience was killed at a crushed stone mine. The victim initiated a blast and was struck by flyrock from the blast. He was standing 153 ft. from the nearest blast hole and was struck by rock as large as 19-in. long by 14-in. wide by 7-in. thick.

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No Respect

Randy K. LogsdonBy Randy K. Logsdon

Rodney Dangerfield made a fortune by exploiting the line “I get no respect.” Housekeeping is the Rodney Dangerfield of occupational safety in many industries, including mining. There may be a number of reasons (possibly excuses) for neglecting housekeeping in the workplace — rushing, someone else’s job, planning? I suggest that one of those reasons is an institutional lack of respect for the role of (even the term) housekeeping in a safe workplace.

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Company Cannot Claim it ‘Lacked Adequate’ Notice of Bad Ball Joints

ESmithBy Ellen Smith
An ALJ improperly determined that a company lacked “adequate notice” when cited for four violations at its plant where an MSHA inspector alleged excessive movement in the ball joints of the steering linkage of four trucks.

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Walking and Chewing Gum

By Randy K. Logsdon

Congress had just passed the bill that funded the government (ending the partial government shut-down at least temporarily) and raising the debt limit again. A television reporter interviewed a congressman and the conversation went something like this:

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