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Guest Editorial: Congress Falls Short on ’16 Transportation Budget Resolution

64 MikeJohnson 150Just about any driver who has hit a pothole or sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic knows that our nation’s roads, bridges and highways are in bad shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives our nation’s roads a D+ grade. There are 10,000 bridges in the U.S. that are so old that they qualify for Medicare and, yet, are still bearing thousands of tons of freight and people every day.

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A Book About Modern Earthmoving Marvels

By Mark S. Kuhar

108 CatBook 150When you are in the construction media, you get to know many editors from other publications. One of the good guys in the construction media is Frank Raczon, senior editor of Construction Equipment magazine, a Scranton Gillette Communications publication.

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Tragedy Averted in Maryland

84-LastCall-150Since AGG1 is taking place in Baltimore this year, it’s a good time to mention that an incident occurred recently in Maryland that ought to serve as a wake-up call to all of Congress to finalize a bill for the repair and replacement of our roads and bridges.

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The Most Amazing Hotel Ever

By Mark S. Kuhar

56 LASTWORD 150A quarry is a rather unusual destination for a five-star hotel. Perhaps that’s what makes the concept of the Songjiang Quarry Hotel in Tianmashan, Songjiang, Shanghai, China, so awe-inspiring.


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Resurrecting the Best 25

By Mark S. Kuhar

LASTCALL-150By dusting off old advertisements, you’ll find the Best 25 Tracklayer was capable of “doing the work of 12 horses and three men.” Nowhere did it mention anything about how the 5,200-lb. tracklayer could go airborne, but that’s exactly what a long-lost Best 25 actually did.


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