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Top 5 Steps to a More Sustainable 2014

DougRuhlinLook Beyond Increasing Revenue And Focus On Your Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit.

By Dough Ruhlin

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. You might want to drop a few pounds this year, but have you thought of resolutions for your business? You should be.

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Way to Goat!

By Mark S. Kuhar

On April 22, Graniterock welcomed a herd of goats and their kids along with the guard dog “Baby” and her puppies “in training” at the Santa Cruz Sand Plant. The goats are being used as part of a holistic management plan to decrease the amount of non-native grasses in the area and encourage growth of natives, according to a story on the company’s blog.

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Major Trends in Green Building

By Mark S. Kuhar

What are the major trends likely to affect the green building industry and markets in the United States in 2014? As one of the world’s leading green building consultants, Jerry Yudelson thinks he knows the answers. In fact, his list of green building megatrends has become an annual event.

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Sustainability Is Driving Major Change Within The Supply Chain

By Brian Barlow

It is quite clear today that the drive toward greater sustainability, including resource conservation and energy efficiency in North America and other parts of the world, is occurring at a much faster pace than many experts predicted. Sustainability now affects a rapidly growing percentage of infrastructure and commercial and residential projects that are defined and funded by local, state/provincial and federal governments, as well as public institutions and private enterprises.

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