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Defending Rockhill

If you are the Rockhill Quarry in East Rockhill, Pa., you have to wonder what a business has to do to make a little stone around here.

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Optimism Versus Pessimism

At the recent Intercem Americas conference in Miami, Colin Sutherland, president of SC Market Analytics, talked about infrastructure market dynamics that will impact the construction economy. He provided an optimistic versus pessimistic forecast. Here are some of his conclusions:

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Midterm Madness

The Midterm Elections are over and as the pundits were saying right up until the last votes were counted, we are looking at a divided government. The initial reaction from many is that this is going to result in a bad case of gridlock. Maybe so, but oddly enough, I have read the words of some people who think the glass is in fact half full.

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Here’s Dave

In this issue, we feature an exclusive op-ed written by David G. Zatezalo, assistant secretary mine safety and health. As the head of MSHA, he has the important job of overseeing that agency’s enforcement efforts and industry outreach.

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