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Welcome Back, Aggregates Almanac

This is our second annual Aggregates Almanac issue. I may be biased here, but I maintain that this is the most valuable single issue of any magazine published for the aggregates industry in a given year.

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The Sand Man Cometh

You have all heard the international media reports about how the world is running out of sand. I have previously written about it in this space.

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Technology in Unlikely Places

Make no mistake, the world is getting more technologically advanced. Whether it is your tablet, phone, apps or the internet of things; or whether it is plant automation, machine telematics or fleet management, the path to greater profitability and better productivity is technology.

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A Little First Quarter Perspective

The publicly traded aggregates companies released their first-quarter reports, and several items beg for a little perspective.

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Two Pieces of Good News – While Your Are Waiting

I was in Houston last month for the AGG1 show. Trade shows are great to re-connect with old friends – producers as well as manufacturers – and meet new ones; see the latest equipment and technology; and take the pulse of the industry.

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