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Luck Stone Looks to the Next Generation

Luck Stone’s Mark Fernandes, chief leadership officer, writes on the company’s website:13 MARK 200

“Most recently I had the pleasure of spending some time with a new team inside our company that had come together for the first time. A team led by, and solely comprised of our next gen associates challenged with managing and coordinating all of our social channels across the enterprise. What I experienced was nothing short of magical albeit quite different than what I had come accustomed to for meetings. Magical in a sense that describing them as self-absorbed, lazy and uncommitted could not be further from the truth.

“What I experienced during those few hours included:

  • Genuine Caring – for each other and the work at hand with a strong tilt to the human side throughout the conversation – human side in that the interest in what each other was thinking and feeling was clearly more important than the established timetable for the agenda; yet the work still got done.
  • Coffee Shop Casual – through their blending of work and life as part of the dialogue, seamlessly transitioning back and forth between the two in a fashion that reminded me of a great jazz band.
  • Quiet Confidence – in themselves and more importantly each other with complimenting vs. competing interests, attitudes and mindsets resulting in a multiplier effect around outcomes and solutions.
  • Unbridled Curiosity – with far more asking than telling along with frequent dips into Google searches, online dictionaries and apps in an effort to ensure the collective and best understanding of the subject at hand.

“Millennials are often chided for believing in their own extraordinary potential, and thinking they can (and will) change the world for the better. I say, ‘let them believe.’ And while we are at it, let’s show them we believe by committing our time and energy to them, ensuring they do become all they are capable of becoming and change the world as we know it, as planned.”