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Design for Safety

By Randy Logsdon

I woke up shortly before the alarm would have jolted me from my sleep. After some reflexive stretching, I slipped out from under the covers and carefully walked around the corner to the bathroom. The hotel room was still dark, and I reached inside the bathroom doorway to feel for the light switch. One has a sense of where it should be.

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Citation Vacated Where Employee Failed to Wear Fall Protection

By Ellen Smith

An operator cannot be held liable for an employee failing to wear fall protection if the employer supplied fall-protection equipment, trained workers in its use, and required fall protection in all hazardous situations, Review Commission ALJ Priscilla Rae has ruled.

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MSHA Reports Half-Year Fatality Analysis

From Jan. 1, 2013, to June 30, 2013, 18 miners died in accidents in the mining industry, according to MSHA. Nine died in coal mining accidents and nine in metal and nonmetal mining accidents. In both coal and metal and nonmetal mining, one of the miners killed was a contractor.

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Oldest Rock Art Discovered

By Mark S. Kuhar

A new high-tech analysis led by a University of Colorado Boulder researcher shows the oldest known petroglyphs in North America, which are cut into several boulders in western Nevada, date to at least 10,500 years ago and perhaps even as far back as 14,800 years ago.

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Welcome, Mr. Johnson

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Michael W. Johnson, who this month begins his tenure as president and CEO of The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association. He succeeds our old friend, the much-respected R. A. “Gus” Edwards, III, who is retiring after more than 16 successful years with NSSGA.

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