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Safety Lessons Learned

Regulations, Inspections, Enforcement Risks and Power Politics.

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PERMITTING - October 2017

Concrete Crushing Permit Approved / Expanded Mining Operation Planned / Michigan Gravel Pit Denied / Colorado Operation Facing Opposition

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Do Unto Others

While the Golden Rule Is Simple for a Child, It Can Be Complicated, Paradoxical and Daunting for Adults Trying to Manage Large Companies.

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Are You Playing Favorites at Work?

If Employees Perceive Favoritism, It Can Disrupt Productivity and Morale.

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The Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Job insecurity has fueled a general unease among American workers, driven not by foreign competition but by advancing technology. According to pessimists, millions of jobs will disappear in coming years because of robots, driverless vehicles and Artificial Intelligence (AI), sparking mass social unrest and upheaval.

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