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Severely Scratched Windshield Costs Company $10,000

By Ellen Smith

Lafarge Midwest Inc. was ordered to pay a $10,000 penalty for a severely scratched windshield on a gator that was used on every shift, seven days a week, with Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission ALJ Margaret Miller increasing the penalty from MSHA’s initial fine of $8,209.

MSHA issued a citation for a violation of §56.14103(b), which requires that damaged windows , which obscure visibility necessary for safe operation, or create a hazard to the equipment operator, must be replaced or removed.

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Rock Solid

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Rock Products, which throughout its more than 100 years of serving aggregates producers, has certainly seen its share of change. The magazine was recently sold to Mining Media International (MMI), based in Denver, a company that is solely focused on creating information products for the mining and construction-materials industries.

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Risk Assessment 101

A lot has been said about hazard awareness, hazard recognition and hazard identification in the workplace. All of these are fairly synonymous terms for the act of understanding those elements in the work environment that can be harmful— a key element to protecting your safety.

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Tough Talk Won’t Improve Mine Safety

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis made comments worth repeating to the entire mining community when she spoke to the Board of Directors of the National Mining Association (NMA) recently.

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ALJ Sustains $2,000 Penalty for Guarding Violation

ALJ Margaret A. Miller affirmed several citations against Blue Mountain Production Co., the largest being a $2,000 fine for an S&S and unwarrantable failure violation of §56.14107(a), which requires moving machine parts be guarded to protect persons from moving parts that can cause injury.

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