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MSHA Announces Online Tool to Self-Monitor for POV Screening

MSHA announced the availability of an online service that enables mine operators, miners and others to monitor a mining operation to determine if it could be subject to a potential pattern of violations.

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The Right Tool

By Randy Logsdon

It’s a marvelous tool. I keep one in my desk and one in my car. The multi-tool (sometimes known generically as a “leatherman”) is the modern equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife. It’s marvelous because it is one tool that can do so many things. But is it the right tool?

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Plaintiff Entitled to be Heard

By Ellen Smith

In an appeal argued in the District Court of Sequoyah County, Okla. – J. Jeffrey Payton, Judge – a plaintiff/appellee, Michael Daffin, claimed he was prevented from participating in an informal conference before the Department of Mines on the application for a mining permit requested by T & M Sand and Gravel Inc.

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Taking the Quantum Leap

Quarry operations these days are really taking the quantum leap. Our cover story this month (see page 24) details a very interesting development at Duff Quarry in Huntsville, Ohio, where a fourth-generation of the Duff family has not only taken over, but taken control of the quarry’s operations and production using Apple’s iPad technology.

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Rocks, and Rock and Roll

Quarries, rocks, stones and gravel – and rock and roll – just seem to go together. It was an early indication that something was up when John Lennon named his first band The Quarrymen. The Quarrymen took their name from a line in the school song of Quarry Bank High School, which Lennon and most of the other original group members attended.  Now what was the name of that other band he was in? I can’t quite recall.

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