Impact Inspections

MSHA announced that federal inspectors issued 377 citations and orders during special impact inspections conducted at 15 coal and seven metal/nonmetal mine operations last month. The coal mines were issued 208 citations and seven orders while the metal/nonmetal mines were issued 148 citations and 14 orders.

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Compliance with Air Contaminants Rule Should Start Now

By James Sharpe

Like it or not, aggregate producers should begin preparing now for a new air contaminants enforcement program coming from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Concerned about harmful overexposures that could adversely affect the health of metal/non-metal miners, MSHA announced late last year that it would soon begin a push to enforce 56/57.5002. The standard requires operators to conduct dust, gas, mist and fume surveys as often as necessary to determine the adequacy of control measures. MSHA expects operators to pro-actively demonstrate compliance.

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$60,000 Penalty Upheld Where Company Failed to Guard Return Roller

By Ellen Smith

Failing to have a proper guard for a return roller on a conveyor cost a quarry $60,000 in an MSHA fine, upheld on Jan. 28 by Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Judge William Moran.

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Budget Battle Begins

Just in time for rabid discussion at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011 comes President Obama's initial budget for transportation. On first glance, the numbers make your eyes pop. The Administration has outlined a six-year, $556 billion surface-transportation program that, according to an analysis by The National Stone Sand and Gravel Association, earmarks $336 billion to rebuild America’s highways and bridges, and comes with several sweeping changes in transportation policy.

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The Great Highway System of China

Forget about The Great Wall of China. That’s yesterday’s news.

While the do-nothings in Congress sit on their hands and let our national infrastructure fall apart, China is spending a small fortune on its highways and bridges. They are, in fact, creating, The Great Highway System of China.

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