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John Deere Challenges Andes Mountains

By Mark S. Kuhar

This past May, engineers from John Deere traveled to the Atacama Desert Region of Northern Chile to test the performance of the 460E Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) at high altitude. The mountains of Chile are filled with active mining sites that need the hauling capacity of the 460E ADT. Engineers worked to ensure the truck would perform reliably at this extreme altitude as well as exceed customers’ expectations in the rugged mountains.

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Off-Highway Diesel Prices

The national estimated average price-per-gallon for off-highway diesel fuel as of Oct. 21 is $3.619. That is lower than the previous comparison price-per-gallon of $3.674.

Government Shutdown Frustrating, Bad

Well, the rest of the country is learning what the aggregates and construction industries already know only too well. When Congress drags its feet, or fails altogether to get something done, it is frustrating, maddening, and ultimately bad for the economy.

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Managerial Gut Instinct: Fact or Fiction?

By Steve Schumacher

It Takes Years To Develop An Instinct In Business, But It Does Happen And Can Serve You Well.

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Teambuilding Is Not An Exercise

By Thomas J. Roach

Teamwork Is Easy To Spot, Hard To Explain And Harder To Create.

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