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Mining for Operational Excellence

By Colin Beaney

Operational excellence in the mining industry is of critical importance because everyone operates in a similar way. The mining company that has complete end-to-end visibility of its natural resource extraction and marketing processes; that understands the importance of HR in asset management; and uses operational intelligence to inform its decisions will be the one to outperform its competitors.

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The Strategist Is in the House

This month, Rock Products is proud to debut a new monthly column, The Strategist, written by long-time industry veteran Pierre Villere. It appears on page six.

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Granite Voted Most Ethical / Recond-Breaking bauma / Chaney Acquires PCS

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InSight Engineers Made a Martian Rock Garden

NASA’s InSight lander set its first science instrument on Mars but engineers here on Earth already saw it happen. Like NASA’s Curiosity rover, InSight has a full-scale working model at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. This sister lander, aptly named ForeSight, lets the team test all operations before they happen on Mars.

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