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Liquid Waste Technology, LLC announced the launch of their newest Mud Cat dredge, the Mud Cat MFD-1000. This multi-function dredge has multiple interchangeable tool options, including an excavator bucket, a cutter basket with dredging pump, a weed rake, and a pile driver. This one-truck transportable, self-launching dredge has a maximum digging depth of 19 ft. 5 in. (5.92 m). The self-launching capability of the Mud Cat MFD-1000 minimizes mobilization and demobilization expenses. The single-piece hull is reinforced with seven watertight compartments, and has corrosion-resistant paint inside and out. Other features of the Mud Cat MFD-1000 include a 275-hp (205-kW) John Deere diesel turbocharged engine, and a modern operator's cabin complete with heating and air conditioning, a back-up video camera, and vibration isolation.

Liquid Waste Technology,