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Belt Feeders

The Model MH weigh belt feeder from Thayer Scale is capable of accurately measuring and controlling feed rates up to 3,000 tph. The feeder is specifically designed to survive the harsh industrial environments that are associated with the cement, mining and power (coal) industries, and incorporates a unique design feature that results in high accuracy, reliable performance, and extremely stable calibration. Weighing is done through Thayer's patented low deflection, non-wearing FMSS (Force Measurement Suspension System) weight sensing scale. The weight transducer is located outside the feeder enclosure making the scale less susceptible to damage, easier to clean, and less prone to tar build-up. In addition, the Heavy Duty Weigh Belt Feeders allow for easy "re-rating" of the feeder capacity should material or density change. All changes can be easily accomplished in the field providing unsurpassed flexibility in re-rating the feeder for new or changing requirements.

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