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Mid-Belt Sampler

The Mid-Belt RS Sampler, designed to sample up to 4-in. material including coal, limestone, ores and woodchips, features low maintenance and heavy-duty construction. The RS can be installed anywhere on the belt where it can obtain a sample which can be delivered to ground level. On command from an automatic or manual controller, an unattended rotating sample cutter with flexible wiper obtains a sample from predetermined intervals. The rotating scoop does not touch or damage the belt. The collected mid-belt sample, including fines, is then deposited into a gravity side chute for delivery to an Intersystems collection system. The sampler is fully assembled for ease of installation and meets ASTM D-2234. Other benefits included with the Mid-Belt RS Sampler are less auxiliary equipment required; direct motor drive (no belts or chain); clean sweep brushes or wipers that touch belt to get complete sample; and use in horizontal or inclined applications.