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Arc Flash Protection System

TVOC-2, the newest generation of ABB Low Voltage Products division’s Arc Guard System, protects electrical equipment from dangerous electrical arc flashes. It features numerous upgrades and new functions, such as detecting faults in low and medium voltage switchgear and disconnecting the power provided to the arc within 30 to 50 milliseconds, preventing serious injury to personnel and damage to expensive equipment.

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Diagnostics Software

The TOOLBOX Software 10.0, a PC-based diagnostic program, allows technicians to view system faults and repair instructions, verify system integrity, adjust component operation and installation wiring for many Meritor WABCO products.

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Hydraulic Pump Drives

The WPT Power Pump Drives are available for indirect or auxiliary drives, which make them suitable for off highway and mobile equipment, including rock crushers and grinders. The pump drive mounts between the engine and the rugged WPT Power Take-Offs, and provides for multiple live or clutched pumps.

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Weigh Module

Featuring the entirely digital POWERCELL PDX, the Pinmount PDX is an enhanced version of the Pinmount weigh module. The PDX technology allows true predictive diagnostics of each individual load cell, in which the information can be used for preventive maintenance.

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Bin Vibrators

The line of Hi-Vi Electromagnetic bin vibrators from Eriez features 12 AC drive units that improve the flow of hard-to-handle materials deposited into bins, hoppers and chutes. The 70U is the largest of Eriez’ “double impact” type vibrators.

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