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The Yukon Scale: Making a Giant

One of the largest truck scales Cardinal Scale has ever manufactured was recently shipped to Black Mountain, N.C. The model H150130-CY16 Yukon hydraulic truck scale measures a whopping 16-ft.-wide by 130-ft.-long (2,080 sq. ft. of platform space), making it one of the biggest truck scales Cardinal has manufactured in recent history.

This NTEP type-evaluated, steel-deck Yukon features a 150-ton overall capacity and 70-ton CLC with Guardian hydraulic compression load cells. Cardinal dealer Charlotte Scale sold the Yukon to Grovestone Quarry, where it was delivered by three trucks in Cardinal’s fleet.

The Yukon serves dual weighing purposes at Grovestone Quarry:

  • Weighing product moving into inventory: 225,000-lb. Euclid R65’s are weighed bringing rock out of the quarry to keep track of inventory.
  • Weighing outgoing hopper loadouts: Over-the-road, roll-top semi-tractor trailers pull up underneath overhead hoppers for loading onto the NTEP legal-for-trade scale. The trucks must pull forward as their trailers are being loaded, which necessitated the extreme 130-ft.-length.

“The Yukon heavy-duty truck scale is specifically engineered for weighing massive, oversized off-road vehicles in the mining industry, so it was an ideal fit for this particular quarry weighing installation,” said Jonathan Sabo, vice-president of marketing, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co. “The standard 16-ft. scale width and 70-ton concentrated load capacity enable the truck scale to accommodate the sheer size and weight density of fully loaded Euclid R65’s that are bringing rock out of the quarry at Grovestone Quarry.

“The Cardinal-brand hydraulic compression load cells fortify the scale to be able to withstand lightning strikes, since there are no electronics directly within the Yukon truck scale itself, only hydraulic fluid,” Sabo said. “The scale needed to be NTEP-certified for commercial trade as well, since over-the-road semis were being weighed underneath the overhead hoppers for load-outs.

“This was an exciting project for us at Cardinal Scale Manufacturing due to the sheer size and impressiveness of the Yukon truck scale combined with the fact that it is using hydraulic compression load cells with lifetime warranty,” Sabo said. “It will go down in our record books as one of the largest truck scales we have ever manufactured.”

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