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F-Class Vibrating Screens from W.S. Tyler for Tough Applications

F-Class vibrating screens from W.S. Tyler offers a solution for challenging screening applications requiring minimal vibration transmission during operation. This allows for multiple machine use within the same building or structure without the same reinforcing measures required to house traditional vibrating screens. The F-Class is also ideal for screening situations that require consistent, load-independent performance at constant G-Force in all operational modes.

Featuring a unique and reliable, proven four-bearing technology, the F-Class minimizes structural vibration and delivers a consistent stroke, which two-bearing screens cannot provide, and with right media choice virtually eliminates blinding and pegging. With the ability to handle the toughest applications, the F-Class is designed and built for scalping and classifying of ores, minerals, stones, sand and gravel.

The F-Class features an advanced eccentric shaft design, supported by four high-performance, double spherical roller bearings. The double eccentric shaft creates a constant positive stroke that handles material volume spikes without losing momentum. As the eccentric shaft turns, the screen body is forced to follow the shaft movement. While it travels upward, the counterbalance weights move in the opposite direction and create an equal force to that generated by the body. As a result, the forces cancel each other out, allowing a dynamically balanced system that transmits minimal to no vibrations into the structure.

This allows multiple screens to be placed side by side while minimizing the investments into heavy structures. Furthermore, the design keeps noise emissions low for a quieter system and reduced overall plant noise. These features are the reason why demanding producers of products such as iron ore and phosphates as well as limestone utilize the F-Class in buildings housing up to 45 units (up to 8 stories) while minimizing investment into the required structures.

The continual circular screening action provided by the eccentric design also produces a constant, optimized G-Force. Not only does this further maximize screening efficiency, it allows the F-Class to be an effective solution in both wet and dry applications.

Designed for high tonnage outputs, the F-Class can process up to 5,000 tph as well as provide fast, accurate sizing of virtually any material ranging in cut size from 0.15 to 9.76 in. In addition to traditional screening, the F-Class is often used before primary crushers to screen out fines and eliminate crusher wear. It precisely screens material from 6 in. down to 20 mesh.

To provide maximum versatility, the F-Class can be run with up to three screen decks. The unit features inclines from 10- to 25-degrees and comes with a base frame that allows for simple installation in a customer’s existing structure.

The F-Class features a rugged HUCK-bolted screen body fastening, allowing for extra strength and rigidity. Side plates are constructed with high-strength carbon steel. The area surrounding the shaft assembly is strengthened with a reinforcing plate, which ties together the side plate, screen panel and shaft assembly.

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