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Innovations, July 2010

ON-HIGHWAY TIRE The Greatec M825 wide-base drive radial is available in size 445/50R22.5 with an load rating. The tires weigh less than the dual assemblies


The Greatec M825 wide-base drive radial is available in size 445/50R22.5 with an ìLî load rating. The tires weigh less than the dual assemblies they replace, allowing fleets to convert weight saved into additional payload.

The M825's wider tread and 29/32-inch tread depth distribute weight and torque over a wider area. Additionally, the stabilizing, solid shoulder design reportedly combats side forces that can lead to irregular wear; and a stiff, staggered tread block configuration minimizes wear at heel and toe. The tire's tread compound resists squirm, while an aggressive tread pattern, resembling the Bridgestone M726 EL, uses buttressed blocks to counter tearing.

Retreadability is enhanced via straight shoulder grooves and a groove design that minimizes stone retention and groove-bottom cracking. In central tread grooves, stone rejector platforms prevent trapped pebbles from pushing deeper and piercing the belt layer. Moreover, thick shoulder ribs on both sides fight curbing damage to protect casing, enhanced by a patented Waved Belt design that balances stiffness and resiliency. Further, Greatec's Turn-In Ply design wraps body ply around the bead bundle.
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Dust Control Technology's DustBoss suppression equipment is driven by proprietary software that enables automated monitoring and management of dust suppression, providing systems that can be programmed to control start/stop cycles on the basis of dust monitor readings, motion sensors, weather input, or operator remote control. The technology allows DustBoss equipment users to automatically adjust elevation and oscillation range, among other features, on multiple machines to improve suppression performance and free up manpower for other tasks.

Users can track wind direction, speed, temperature, humidity and visible emissions data. The automated networks can be programmed to monitor any or all of various elements and determine what combination of conditions will trigger specific system responses.
Dust Control Technology
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ProGrade super-strength rare earth permanent sight glass magnets are designed to remove fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contamination from materials flowing to injection machines or extruders. Since two magnet diameters [1- or 5/8-inch] and four sizes fit most sight glass loaders, the manufacturer asserts, magnet protection for equipment and products can be economically achieved.

A full line of ProGrade Magnetic Assemblies includes many sizes and strengths to fit customers' application needs. Moreover, ProGrade products are available at three levels of magnetic strength: ceramic, rare earth and extreme rare earth.
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By managing material speed and direction, Inertial Flow transfer chutes minimize impact and wear on liners and belts, while containing dust and spillage generated at transfer points. Moreover, the chutes incorporate replaceable liners, allowing operators to unbolt the enclosure to replace worn components without confined-space entry.

The chutes employ geometries that capture and concentrate the material stream as it travels through the chute. The setup features a ìhood and spoonî transfer system, comprising a hood discharge chute at the top and a spoon receiving chute to place material onto the belt being loaded. The hood minimizes expansion of the material stream, directing it downward. And, the spoon provides a smooth line of descent, consistently feeding the material at a specific speed and direction to minimize impact in the loading zone.

Besides reducing spillage, abrasion, dust and premature wear, the setup helps ensure that material is center-loaded on the belt, avoiding mistracking and fugitive material. The chutes are designed using 3-D computer-based flow and modeling. Every design is tailored to customers' specific material characteristics and conveyor operations, including the feed system, belt properties, support structure, and transfer distances.
Martin Engineering
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The 35,351-pound GD655-5 motor grader is powered by a Tier 3 emission-certified Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine, providing 218 maximum horsepower. An innovative power-train design positions the engine at the machine's rear, a placement that ó combined with increased weight on the front axle ó reportedly ensures better control. The engine features a three-stage, two-mode system that produces higher power using 20% less fuel than the earlier model, the manufacturer says. The operator is allowed to select either an economy or power mode and three power levels from gear one through eight.

Designed and built specifically for Komatsu graders, the new dual-mode power shift transmission provides a lockup torque-converter mode as well as a direct-drive mode. A new anti-stall mode functions for direct drive. Before the grader stalls in a low-speed application, the transmission shifts to the torque-converter mode, ensuring operator control.

In addition to a 9% power gain, base machine weight has been increased 8%. Enhanced control is provided by the machine's closed center load-sensing hydraulic system, product engineers assert.

The grader's fleet-monitoring system sends machine operating information to a secure website via wireless technology. It tracks daily average fuel consumption, as well as actual working and idle hours. It relays location, cautions, maintenance alerts, and machine abnormalities to the web application for analysis.
Komatsu America
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As the newest models in the company's heavy hydraulic breaker line ó officially introduced at Bauma 2010 ó the 4,409-pound HB 2000 offers 10% more power than its HB 2200 predecessor; and, the HB 4700 features a 10,362-pound service weight. Both models include the VibroSilenced system to reduce noise and protect against vibrations; AutoControl to adapt blow frequency and impact energy to material hardness; ContiLube II system to ensure automatic lubrication; StartSelect to allow the operator a choice of start-up and shutdown functions to suit the application; and, DustProtector, an optional, two-stage seal system to protect the hammer and bushings against damage from dust and rock particles in the lower part of the breaker.

The new models also feature the PowerAdapt system, which shuts down the breaker when oil pressure exceeds the maximum input value. Additionally, both breakers offer an improved box system for better stability and resistance. The dual retaining bar system, for example, provides protection against wear, especially in the lower part of the machine. The service window and recesses for the mounting bracket flange also have been reinforced. Moreover, attachments have been developed to offer an improved power-to-weight ratio, so the same performance can be achieved with a smaller attachment and carrier unit.
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment
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