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Maintenance Products For The Aggregate Industry

Once an operation is in place, and the economy is in agreement, turning a profit is determined by the state of its equipment. Take care of it, and it

Once an operation is in place, and the economy is in agreement, turning a profit is determined by the state of its equipment. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. Routine oil changes and tire-pressure checks are essential, but maintenance extends far beyond that. Having the right tools for the job is essential, as is tracking those tools.

New computer software now allows us to keep tabs on whose hands the tools are in, how fast a machine is being driven as well as its location, and what workers are on site. This information tells managers who's abusing or losing equipment, and what rate of travel yields the most fuel efficiency. Then there are the basic needs such as working platforms, welding machines and equipment seals.

How much an operator chooses to invest is a personal decision, but there is no shortage of options when expensing maintenance. Here's a look at some of the newest products with which maintenance professionals may arm themselves.


  • The Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak is a welder, generator and air compressor that comes with a 12/24-volt battery charger and jump starter. It is a self-contained power source that welds at up to 350 amps, provides 13,000 Watts of Accu-Rated generator power and 26 cfm of compressed air.

    To extend battery life and help eliminate battery failure, it provides charging power (10 to 75 amps, as set by the operator) until it senses a load from the starter. The jump starting mode is activated only when it senses a load from the starter. If the unit senses a battery with a dead cell, a poor connection or an improper voltage setting, it will inform the operator of the error rather than send a charge. The optional jumper cables use a standard marine plug to connect to the unit.

    It weighs 771 pounds and measures 59Ω ◊ 20 inches wide ◊ 34º inches high. The rotary screw air compressor delivers 70 to 160 psi of air without a storage tank. It runs most air impact wrenches at idle and provides 100% deliverable air. It also features a 30-horsepower Kohler gas engine.

    The Trailblazer 302 provides strong Stick, MIG, flux-cored, AC/DC TIG, and air carbon arc gouging and cutting performance.
    Miller Electric
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  • Oz Seal's polyurethane seal, the Oz Ultra Performance Polymer, is more flexible than the existing Oz Super Red Polymer. It is designed for hydraulic applications including earth moving. The material is made using a proprietary Poly4-component processing plant and is more durable than rubber, plastics and metals, the company says. The material works in temperatures ranging -20 to 120∞C, but remains flexible at low temperatures and has a 30-year shelf life. The material also exhibits high-pressure resistance of up to 500 bar. Hardness is 95+ to -2 Shore A. Other properties include extrusion resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance and excellent hot water resistance. The nonabsorbent material also will resist ozone, hydrolysis and ultraviolet exposure. The Oz Ultra Performance Polymer comes in a standard range of profiles in both metric and imperial units.
    Oz Seals
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  • Equipment360 maintenance software from HCSS tracks equipment maintenance schedules for trucks, bulldozers, scrapers and other equipment. Performance metrics in Equipment360 identify unreliable equipment that should be sold. The product provides an itemized cost history for each piece of equipment and has a work-order management system that provides a framework for capturing labor and parts costs. Mechanics enter their time directly into the system to avoid errors and double entry; mechanic timecards can be reviewed and approved before they're exported electronically to the company's accounting system.
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  • Snap-on Industrial's Level 5 Networkable Tool Control system manages an unlimited number of lockable tool storage units simultaneously. Critical tools and assets are tracked and the risk of foreign-object damage is reduced, and foreign material exclusion is improved. The proprietary keyless entry allows employees access to the tools they need, while the system tracks access based on employee identification key cards. All tools in the system can be serialized and linked to a specific box with the bar-code mechanism used for checkout and return. After an employee scans a tool, a record is generated in real time.

    The system offers wired and wireless connection. For portable use and as protection against a power outage, the back-up battery preserves data to ensure the integrity of the audit trail. System data can then be accessed at a single tool storage unit on the system or at a central location. The system interfaces with Snap-on asset management software for security and coverage.
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  • Oil Eater truck wash removes grease, diesel, dirt and bird droppings from trucks and heavy equipment. It is an ultra-concentrated low VOC cleaner and degreaser that is nonacid, noncorrosive, nonhazardous and biodegradable. The high-foaming wash can be diluted up to 100:l. It works in hard and soft water, cleans carbon deposits, lubricates brushes and is safe on proportioners and high-pressure self-service systems. It also is safe on polished aluminium, paint, glass, rubber and vinyl when used as directed. Oil Eater truck wash is available in five-gallon pails, and 30- and 55-gallon drums.
    Kafko International
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  • Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems' Toolbox 9.0 is diagnostics software for pneumatic and hydraulic anti-lock braking systems, electronic leveling modules, and electronically controlled air suspensions. It offers support for RSSPlus trailer-based stability system. It supports the E version of hydraulic ABS, as well as tractor ABS E version 4.3 and hydraulic power brake releases 1 and 2.
    Meritor Wabco Vehicle
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  • OEM Data Delivery's ST-950 service tracker has GPS and radio communications. The system tracks equipment activity on site, so that Power Take-Off credits can be obtained for fuel used at the worksite, as opposed to on-highway. The ST-950 also generates a wide range of customized data logs including machine hours, equipment location, and idling versus work. It generates dump-load logs, seat belt logs and travel logs. The ST-950 fully integrates with a fuel management system.

    A service alert capability lets managers schedule maintenance when it's most beneficial. It can be used in conjunction with an OEM data delivery fuel tracker unit to track, in real time, the dispensing of fuel and other consumables into specific equipment or vehicles.

    Management reports are generated nightly and delivered via e-mail and Web reports. Data logs upload into any major back office system and integrate with accounting software.
    OEM Data Delivery
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  • Terex Aerial Work Platforms' Genie telescopic boom models S-60X, the S-60XC, the S-60 Trax, and the S-80X will feature restricted platform capacities up to 1,250 pounds. The unrestricted operating envelope features 500-pound capacity and outreach. It can accommodate three occupants. Outreach can be automatically restricted by the operator. A common control panel assists with machine operation.

    With the dual-capacity booms, there is a new sequence of operation: The operator enters the work platform, starts the machine and selects either 500-pound or maximum capacity. The machine will set the appropriate outreach and operating envelope according to this input. If the work platform reaches the maximum envelope, the machine will stop and a light will flash to alert the operator. If the operator wishes to change the platform capacity, he must select the new platform capacity.

    Standard features include a ramped boom control system, which provides smooth boom functions due to angle sensors and limit switches, resulting in finer control. A virtual pivot primary boom aligns the machine's center of gravity, resulting in lower machine weight. Fixed-width axles provide faster setup time, while active oscillating axles provide traction. A simplified hydraulic system provides motion, while cable sequenced boom assembly allows inspectors access.
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  • Firestone Industrial Products' Work-Rite is a suspension system for pickup trucks, commercial vehicles and vans. This entry-level load management system features micro-cellular urethane load-assist springs that are mounted to the vehicle's frame to supplement the factory suspension. The progressive load-deflection characteristics enable the load assist springs to absorb road shock and support weight.

    These springs are offered in three densities that provide three separate spring-rates identified by color: white for Ω-ton trucks, gray for æ-ton trucks and black for 1-ton trucks. They are available in two heights, 3.7 inches and 5.2 inches.

    Most Work-Rite kits can be installed without drilling and can be adjusted for specific loading scenario using spacers provided in the kit. The kit includes load-assist springs, brackets, instructions and all necessary mounting hardware. Installation requires basic hand tools and takes less than an hour, the company says.
    Firestone Industrial Products
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