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Innovations For The Aggregates Mining Industry

WHEEL WASH Innovative Equipment Solutions' compact and portable wheel washer is a one tire revolution dirt removal system for light conditions. It was


Innovative Equipment Solutions' compact and portable wheel washer is a one tire revolution dirt removal system for light conditions. It was designed for mobile operators, short-term construction projects or rental installations. It flushes itself clear of debris by a 2-inch hose from a water truck or fire hydrant and a clean-out valve in the open position. Debris is flushed out to the side through the open ports. The washer is an alternative to standard rumble grates, which require manual cleaning. It can be used independently or in conjunction with any of the Neptune automated wheel wash and disinfecting systems manufactured by IES. It can be configured with a set of hinged ramps. The system also may be installed in-ground, flush with the existing road. In this case, a trough must be excavated on the open-port side of the unit to allow rinse water to be directed away from the system.
Innovative Equipment Solutions
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Formsprag Clutch's high-speed backstop is designed with inner race centrifugal throw-out sprags to meet the requirements of inclined conveyors or bucket elevators that use a gear reducer with the backstop mounted externally on the high-speed or intermediate shaft. FHB backstops feature a higher speed range and greater torque capacity in a smaller envelope compared to competitive models, the company says. The units require no maintenance and have a bearing B-10 life of more than 100 years. Three FHB models are offered in bore ranges from 1.13 to 3.75 inches, with metric bores available. OSHA cover option is available and components are stocked for shorter lead times.
Formsprag Clutch
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The Thermatek Kit from MSA is a full-body harness kit for high-heat or welding applications It includes Kevlar and Nomex-blend webbing that is resistant to chemicals, weld splatter and other high-heat exposures. The Kevlar stitching in contrasting colors enables easier product inspection. Shock absorber features Tuffweld protective cover to increase lanyard longevity and incorporates Kevlar back-up strap for additional protection.
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Baldor Electric offers a bearing-protection ring as an option on Baldor Reliance motors. The manufacturer, Electro Static Technology, says that its AEGIS SGR bearing protection ring protects the motor bearings from shaft currents induced by adjustable speed drives. The rings are available on Baldor Reliance custom motors, or they can be installed on a stock motor.
Baldor Electric
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Metso vibratory feeders are available in variable or fixed rates. They have no belts to maintain and no springs to tune or air gaps to adjust. They come with above-, below- or side-mounted drives, and trough lengths. Metso also offers a quiet twin-motor conversion kit that replaces electromagnetic or natural frequency drives on existing vibratory feeders and screeners.
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The FFC side-discharge bucket by Paladin Construction Group will attach to any skid steer. The bucket scoops material to discharge from either side. The side of the discharge can be chosen and changed from inside the cab by switching the direction of the hydraulic flow that drives the conveyor inside the bucket. There are no tool adjustments to switch discharge direction. A load-limiting hopper and removable conveyor belt cover keeps weight off the belt to enable belt starting, prevent stalling and ensure placement speed. The FFC side-discharge bucket is available in 60-, 72- and 84-inch widths with depths ranging from 40 to 46.5 inches.
Paladin Construction Group
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The Powerscreen Warrior 2400 handles large feed. It has an incline screen with a high-amplitude triple-shaft drive mechanism for screening, scalping, two- or three-way splitting and stockpiling materials like aggregates, topsoil, coal, construction and demolition waste, and iron ore. A hydraulic folding tail and side conveyors, two-speed tracks and a slide-out tail conveyor aid setup and media access. A load-sensing collection conveyor circuit helps avoid blockages. An electrical control system allows operators to monitor and diagnose the machine on site via an LCD display without special tools. The Warrior 2400 has optional dual power.
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The Trailblazer 302 Air Pak's rotary screw air compressor delivers 70 to 160 psi of air with no storage tank. It runs most air impact wrenches at idle and provides 100% deliverable air. The company says it improves air carbon arc cutting and gouging, and is capable of working with º-inch carbons (rated: 3/16 inch) for most applications. It also provides enough power and air pressure to run Miller's portable Spectrum plasma cutters with a rated cut of ? inch.

Its 30-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine, weighs 771 pounds and measures 59Ω inches long ◊ 20 inch wide ◊ 34º inch high. It occupies up to 50% less truck space and up to 25% less axle weight compared with using a separate engine-driven air compressor. It also lowers fuel consumption and simplifies equipment management, Miller says.
Miller Electric Co.
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Larson Electronics LED flood lights have aluminum housings and 35-degree-angle beam spreads. The LED10W series of LED spreader lights are a high-lumen output alternative to conventional incandescent and HID lighting. The line of LED spreader equipment lights range from 10 to 280 Watts, the LED10W series features 10-Watt LED packages in single-row arrays numbering 1 to 28 LEDs. Equipped with 35-degree optics, it the delivers 9,000 lumens in a low-profile frame that measures 20 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2 inches deep. The chassis is machined from a single piece of aluminum to maintain its IP67 rating and protects gaskets. The hard-coated LED spreader lights mount via hinge-style mounting brackets. The fixture is mounted perpendicular or parallel to the floor with 45 degrees of freedom. Trunnion-mount (or u-bracket) styles are available for the LED10W series.
Larson Electronics
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Farr Air Pollution Control fan motors come standard on all Farr Gold Series cartridge dust collectors and may be ordered for replacement or retrofit applications. The motors meet or exceed requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act. The Baldor motors have larger diameter copper wire, more iron and steel, Farr says. The motors can be used with variable frequency drives for fan speed control and energy savings.
Farr Air Pollution Control
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The 7,672-pound JCB 515-40 telescopic handler measures 5 feet 11 inches tall, 5 feet 2 inches wide and 9 feet 6 inches long. It has an off-set single-spine main frame with a full-size cab. The turning radius is 9 feet. The handler is equipped with four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive and a hydrostatic transmission.

It is powered by a 50-horsepower engine and can carry 3,300 pounds up to a maximum lift height of 13 feet, 2 inches. The machine has a full-size canopy or an optional cab. When outfitted with a cab, the 515-40 offers optional air conditioning and a suspension seat.
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Rockmore International has launched a Web site featuring 3D animation of its latest introductions including the down-the-hole drilling hammer, MultiPoint carbide insert design, the XR32 thread design, and SonicFlow. An interactive online survey provides continuous input for the needs of operators and contractors working in the field. Collected data is used to develop products and services. Online specifications include details on threaded and tapered drill bits, down-the-hole bits and hammers, extension and tunneling rods, integral and tapered rods, shank adapters and other drill tool accessories. Product information also is available with download versions of Rockmore's new product catalog, the DTH Hammer Operations Guide, DTH Hammer Performance Summary, and Technical Data Sheets for all of Rockmore's ROK Series DTH Hammers.
Rockmore International
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KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens have combined Web sites to illustrate product lines. The site features crushing, material handling, screening, track-mounted and washing equipment. It covers several product lines and includes technical information and a dealer locator. Online calculators help determine which models meet capacity requirements. More than 60 case studies demonstrate how equipment impacts operations.
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