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SAFETY BIFOCALS Gateway Safety offers two styles of bifocal eye protection, StarLite MAG and Scorpion MAG, which come in four diopter strengths: 1.0,


Gateway Safety offers two styles of bifocal eye protection, StarLite MAG and Scorpion MAG, which come in four diopter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5. Bifocal eyewear allows workers to clearly read instrumentation, work with small parts, or perform other close tasks without having to switch between their regular safety glasses and reading glasses.

StarLite MAG bifocal eye protection come in clear or gray with a clear anti-fog option. It meets ANSI Z87.2+ standard. Scorpion MAG contemporary-styled bifocal safety eyewear has adjustable-length, ratcheting temples, and a soft fingertip nosepiece. The dual lens have a venting system that helps minimize fogging. Lenses come in clear or gray.
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Doosan Infracore America's DXB 170h hammer fits the DX225 and DX255 excavators. It has an operating weight of 3,572 pounds and a carrier weight range of 18 to 28 tons. Tool diameter is 5.39 inches. Operating pressure is 2,610 psi. Impact class is 5,000 feet pounds. The new attachment was developed with the design of Montabert breakers.
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Aerodyne's Rhino H rotary valve is used for metering dry granular materials. It has a rotary airlock valve for a smooth material flow, especially abrasive materials. The valve has rotor vanes with hardened tips. Tight tolerances between shroud and rotor vanes minimize material entry that can cause wear. An optional abrasion-resistant coating is available.

The valves are fabricated to fit almost any size system and is available with four, six, or eight vanes that seal and preserve the negative or positive pressure under which rotary airlocks typically operate. Standard valve sizes are 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches, offering capacity ranging from 0.19 to 1.76 cubic feet per revolution.

The body is welded carbon or stainless steel, and its outboard bearings are regreasable. An optional high-temperature model is equipped with specially packaged bearings that are insulated from the valve body.
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Baldwin Filters has filtration training modules focused on hydraulic filtration that is available online and in both DVD and CD formats. It is the latest addition to Baldwin Filters' training series. Other modules concern lubricate, air, fuel and cooling system filtration. Each training module looks at the basics behind the specific system. It examines the types of filters used with the system and also addresses preventive maintenance procedures.
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Martin Engineering's Foundations Book is intended to assist with the improving of belt conveyors by controlling fugitive material. The 576-page hard-cover was subtitled The Practical Resource for Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Dust & Material Control. The book provides information for personnel at all levels including plant managers, plant and conveyor engineers, safety and maintenance managers, and operation personnel. It also can be downloaded in PDF format from the company's Web site.
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Komatsu's 108,280-pound WD600-6 wheeled dozer works with a straight blade or U blade. It is powered by a Tier-3, SAA6D170E-5 six-cylinder engine, which produces 502 horsepower at 1,800 rpm. The engine has an electronic control system; a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system; a cooled exhaust-gas recirculation system and an air-to-air charge air-cooling system. The engine is standard with dual-mode engine power: an economy mode and a power mode.

The operator's cab allows access to all switches and levers to minimize operator fatigue and improve productivity. The cab features an automatic joy-stick steering, an electronic pilot control and a mono-lever. The cab also comes with fully adjustable armrests and an air-ride seat, as well as an automatic heater/defroster/air conditioner. A Level-2 ROPS/FOPS integral cabin has rubber and silicone viscous damping mounts. Windows are flat glass.

The single-stage, double-phase torque converter has a lock-up transmission and a full-powershift, planetary type transmission. Travel speeds have increased over the previous model, with a forward top speed of 23.4 mph and a reverse top speed of 22.4 mph.

The dozer features a modulated clutch system with variable traction control and allows the operator to select from 100% to 20% of the traction control converter output. The modulation clutch is controlled by the left pedal.

The WD600-6 is equipped with variable-displacement piston pumps and a closed load-sensing system. In addition, the dozer is outfitted with auxiliary steering, high-pressure in-line filters and a hydraulic braking system including a wet-disc parking brake. The brakes are completely sealed to keep out contaminants and reduce wear and maintenance.

The WD600-6 includes Komatsu's equipment management monitoring system, which displays 28 machine functions including fluid/filter change intervals and trouble-shooting memory display functions such as engine oil levels and coolant temperature.

The vehicle health monitoring system allows remote monitoring of major machine components, as well as the machine's condition and operations. Downloadable machine data can be transmitted via the Internet and be reviewed by Komatsu and distributor service personnel.
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The Schenck Process live bottom stationary bin is for material discharge. It uses four 12-inch-diameter screws positioned at the bottom of the 16-cubic-meter bin that allows material to be fed onto a conveyor that is coupled to the live bottom bin via a side bolt flange. The bin is symmetrically designed to eliminate any right- or left-hand configuration. Ground-level installation eliminates the need for pits or extensive civil work. The four auger screws have a variable-pitch design to achieve mass flow for waste materials in sizes up to 100 mm. When using recommended variable-frequency drives, the auger-screw speeds can be adjusted to accommodate different feed rates. Viewing windows on both sides of the bin provide observation of the system operation. Feed rates up to 186 cubic meters per hour and unloading capacities of 15 tons per hour are attainable with the bin.
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Major Wire's OptimumWire is a woven-wire screen media. The company says it provides up to 40% longer wear life when compared to traditional woven wire of the same diameter. OptimumWire is manufactured with a high carbon and high manganese content for abrasion resistance. The open area can be increased by choosing one smaller wire diameter size to maximize material throughput. Each screen is woven with zero tolerance to any type of movement within the crimp or weave, which prevents the wires from rubbing against each other.

OptimumWire is manufactured from hard-drawn wire. It is available in a variety of crimp styles including double-weave for high-impact loads and larger feed sizes, hyper slot, and square and slotted wire. Wire diameters range from 0.047 inches (1.2 mm) to 0.750 inches (19 mm) with openings from 0.125 inches (3.18 mm) to 6 inches (152 mm).
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Minova Americas' ventilation seals include can obtain the required 120-psi strength in three days. Tekseal allows bulk handling of its standard-setting products.

The Minova bulk bags are constructed with reinforced nylon material with a plastic liner. The bulk bags can be placed above the placer unit to provide material previously contained in individual 45-pound bags. It contains a full pallet of individual bags and requires no manual handling.
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Farr Air Pollution Control's Zephyr III self-contained portable dust and fume collector has three-stage filtration. It has a 110v/1 Ph. 60 Hz power cord and a compressed air line. Contaminants entering the collector are removed by three stages of filtration: a metal filter that functions as a spark trap, a main filter for fine particles, and a carbon final filter for odors and gases. The three filters are the Gold Cone HemiPleat filter with fire-retardant media in MERV standard efficiencies.

A Venturi-assisted pulse cleaning system can be manually activated at any time. Additional features include: quick-clamp system for reliable cartridge sealing and removal; airflow capacity of 700 cfm at the capture hood (1,250 cfm free air); powder-coated surface finish inside and out; roll-out dust drawer with grid to minimize dust re-entrainment.
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The Telsmith Hydra-Jaw Model H2550 has a hydraulic toggle system with a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic adjustment, relief and clearing systems. The FEA-designed H2550 has a low-profile with foot mounts located at mid-level and a sculpted main frame that reduces overall weight.

The hydraulic overload relief system opens the crusher when internal forces become too high, allowing tramp metal or other non-crushable material to pass. The system automatically returns the crusher to the previous setting for continued crushing when the object passes. The jaw will crush any materials that remain in the chamber and prevent any oversized material from impacting the product belt. The unit offers a 25- ◊ 50-inch feed opening. It features interchangeable and reversible jaw dies, replaceable toggle ends, and an impact plate that protects the pitman. The grease lines are plumbed to a central distribution point for maintenance access.
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Atlas Copco's Secoroc COP 44 Gold down-the-hole hammer has a12-spline bit shank and bit designs including the Rocket Bit. The hammer's 35-bar rating can accomodate high-pressure rigs. The company says, its Secoroc Gold line has a 10% to 15% longer service life than equivalent hammers. The hammer can be rebuilt to its original performance level three times. When paired with Atlas Copco's Secoroc down-the-hole premium bits, the hammers can produce blasthole diameters from 45/6-inch to 5?-inch.
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Unified Screening & Crushing's SuperFlow screen media are a hybrid of wire cloth and urethane support strips that allow each wire to vibrate independently. The vibrating action is combined with the high percentage of open area. The company says this reduces plugging and blinding even when handling wet or sticky material. SuperFlow screens were designed to minimize wire-to-wire contact.

The screens work with stone, sand, granite, ag-lime, asphalt, coal, topsoil, green waste recycling and other materials. W-style screens feature alternating straight and formed (crimped) wires. Diamond-shaped openings are ideal for accurate sizing of both wet and dry materials. Herringbone-weave-pattern screens are recommended for light applications and situations where the gradation from raw to finished product is not large.
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Grasan road- and pit-portable jaw crusher plants are available in diesel or electric power. Hoppers are built with æ-inch plates with heavy angle reinforcing. Grizzly feeders come standard with hydraulic hydrostatic drive for variable-speed control. Bypass chutes have steep valley angles, wear liners, and clean-out doors. Discharge conveyors feature heavy-duty construction with impact bed sections under the crusher.

Most plants can be equipped with a skid-on, skid-off hopper-feeder module for over-the-road weight reduction and setup without using a crane. Six independent hydraulic legs aid setup. Electrical packages are available with starter panel, wiring, quick disconnects and remote operator control station.
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Rockmore International's Web site features 3D animation of rock bits including the down-the-hole drilling hammer, the MultiPoint carbide insert design, the XR32 thread design and SonicFlow. An interactive online survey helps contractors identify job requirements. Rockmore also uses this information in the development of products and services. Online specifications include details on threaded and tapered drill bits, DTH bits and hammers, extension and tunneling rods, integral and tapered rods, shank adapters and other drill tool accessories. Product information also is available to download including Rockmore's product catalog, the DTH Hammer Operations Guide, DTH Hammer Performance Summary, and Technical Data Sheets for all of Rockmore's ROK Series DTH hammers.
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