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Recent Innovations For The Aggregate Industry

Superior Industries has a line of conveyor take-ups for maintaining proper belt tension at the drive pulley. It includes four new styles: top-angle


Superior Industries has a line of conveyor take-ups for maintaining proper belt tension at the drive pulley. It includes four new styles: top-angle take-ups, light-duty take-ups, heavy-duty take-ups and center-pull conveyor take-ups. The group of manual screw and fixed styles offer solutions for belt conveyors where automatic style take-ups are impractical. The take-ups allow for mounting to most conveyor frames.
Superior Industries


Siemens' mechanical calibration system Milltronics MWL weight lifter for belt scales is available for loads from 500 to 750 pounds. MWL weight lifter allows calibration for Milltronics MSI, MMI, MBS, MCS and MUS belt scales. The compact calibration system mounts under the conveyor belt and stores the calibration test weights above the calibration arms of the belt scale.

The user lowers the reference weights manually with a crank handle onto the belt scale, without having to lean into the conveyor or remove any guarding components. It is available for use with flat bar or integral round bar style calibration weights. Each weight and weight holder is stamped with its exact weight to avoid calibration errors. The system also has a Milltronics belt scale, speed sensor and integrator.


Sandvik offers rubber wear protection for truck boxes or hoppers. Sandvik WT6000 rubber linings absorb kinetic energy upon impact and subsequently return to their initial shape. The company says benefits include wear protection and noise reduction by as much as 20 decibels. It also helps minimize the amount of fines freezing to surfaces during winter months. The lining is installed with stud welds or through-bolts. Sandvik also can arrange the removal of old linings and assemblies.


Safety Vision's SafeDrive MiniDVR mobile digital-video recorder system installs directly to the windshield and has both a forward-facing road-view camera and a rear-facing cabin-view camera. It records video, audio and metadata to a removable CompactFlash card, protected by a lock.

Video automatically is recorded when a vehicle operator is speeding or driving erratically, when the driver/operator manually presses the event save button or when a crash occurs. Also recorded and tracked are GPS map coordinates, G-force data, vehicle speed, event trends and audio that can be accessed by SafeDrive MiniDVR software. Serving as a data management portal, SafeDrive MiniDVR software provides playback, search and export features. The software offers quantifiable tools for event trends and event location plotted in Google Map views if the computer viewing the video is connected to the Internet.

The SafeDrive MiniDVR has an internal battery that enables recording to continue during sudden power loss such as vehicle battery ejection or destruction during a crash. Other features include infrared illuminators for low-light recording in the vehicle cabin, optional remote contact switch for event saves via push button or contact closure switches, and four programmable sensors for metadata capture that can be renamed by someone with administrative rights in the SafeDrive video management software.
Safety Vision