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Greystone Aggre-Dry Fmw

GreyStone’s Aggre-Dry FMW screen is a sand dewatering unit that combines a fine material screw and dewatering screen to produce sand and gravel products with a moisture content as low as 8 to 13 percent, by weight, while using only 30 HP to wash and dewater up to 100 TPH.

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Major Wire'S Flex-Mat 3

Major Wire’s Flex-Mat 3 is a self-cleaning screen media used in more than 15,000 aggregate applications worldwide. It increases throughput of spec product by up to 40 percent over woven wire or polyurethane panels by eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging.

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Accurate Weighing Of Loads

Accurate weighing and recording systems forge a direct correlation between operational and back-office efficiency in quarries. Data must be captured accurately

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Roc F9C Smartrig

The new ROC F9C SmartRig lets operators lay out shot patterns on a computer and then helps them follow through with GPS-guided, automated drilling for higher accuracy and speed. It also keeps documentation of performance for better planning and accountability. Along with the accurate drilling positioning, the ROC F9C rock drill adjusts impact power and feed pressure to suit rock conditions, achieving smoother drilling and reducing stress on the drill steel.

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Automated Crushing

Three years ago, Slusser Brothers, a large aggregate producer based in northeastern Pennsylvania, decided to update the crushing operation at its then

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