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IMPACT BEDS DRX Impact Beds from Flexco have been engineered to maximize belt protection, while offering ease of installation and maintenance. While other


DRX Impact Beds from Flexco have been engineered to maximize belt protection, while offering ease of installation and maintenance. While other beds rely solely on support bars to reduce impact, the DRX impact beds incorporate Velocity Reduction Technology. This multi-level support is used to more effectively absorb impact energy and minimize transmission to the conveyor belt. Slide-Out Service feature allows direct access to the bars and bolts for easy inspection and quick, safe maintenance. The DRX200, DRX750, DRX1500 and DRX3000 Dynamic meet or exceed CEMA standards and reportedly can handle everything from light-duty sand and gravel applications to the most heavy duty or extreme applications that combine large material and a severe drop height.
Flexco, (630) 971-0150,


Navistar International Corp. has introduced the PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle (SBA) Truck, a Class 8 on/off-highway vehicle. The wide-track, set-back axle configuration is designed for severe service applications such as mining and construction, and meets the need for extra front-axle load distribution and improved maneuverability. Powered by Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engines up to 15-liter and 625-hp, the PayStar 5900i is built on a 12º-inch frame rail chassis. It reportedly provides high strength-to-weight ratio with RBM ratings up to 4.7 million. Additional features include an extra-wide aluminum cab, sound insulation package and sloped hood for increased visibility.
Navistar International Corp., (630) 753-3518, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


The Cummins QSB6.7 engine features a fully integrated air-intake-to-exhaust, after-treatment system, which is designed to meet EPA Tier-4 off-highway emissions regulations, effective January 2011. It reportedly can achieve a 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) and a 45% reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOX). This integration capability enables the 6.7-liter engine to increase Tier-3 power output from 275 hp to a new top rating of 300 hp for Tier 4. According to the manufacturer, this takes the QSB6.7 to a power output more typical of a larger displacement engine and offers a significant installation advantage.
Cummins Inc., (812) 377-9441, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Rexnord has expanded its Falk Drive One product line to include high-torque drives, capable of producing output torques up to 4 million pounds per inch. Suitable for conveyor applications, the planetary drives reportedly provide a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic and conventional drives. Six sizes are available in parallel or right-angle configurations. Drive arrangement options include base-mounted/coupling-connected, shaft-mounted/flange-connected, and shaft-mounted/hollow shaft-connected.
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Grammer Inc. has introduced the MSG95EAC/742 seat for excavators and wheel loaders, which reportedly lowers vibration up to 40%, thereby improving ergonomics. The design incorporates an electronic system for active vertical suspension that relieves operator back strain, the company states. In addition, low-frequency suspension absorbs vibration more efficiently than standard air-suspended seats. The controls allow the operator to quickly assume his or her ergonomically correct sitting position. Because of its optimized suspension, the seat complies with the European Union's new 2002/44/EC directive, which is designed to protect workers from potentially harmful vibrations.
Grammer Inc., (715) 377-4566, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Sandvik Mining and Construction has unveiled the NoiseGuard muffler system for surface top hammer drilling. It reportedly decreases the level of drilling noise, meeting increasing noise restrictions in urban areas. The system has a suppression capacity of 10 dB (A), which ensures reduced noise levels on the site and in surrounding areas. In addition, it lowers cabin noise levels by 8 dB (A). The system consists of a hood and insulation for the rock drill. The hood is made of durable plastic, and thin perforated aluminum plates are used for insulation. The plates stay in place even during heavy vibration, block echoes and absorb no moisture, which promotes mechanical durability. The easy-to-remove hood weighs only 450 kg and does not affect the stability of the rig.
Sandvik Mining and Construction, +358-205-44-151, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Chevron Products Co. has introduced Delo Heavy Duty EP (extreme pressure) greases, which are suitable for on- and off-highway construction and maintenance vehicles including tri-axle dump trucks. They also accommodate a variety of off-road applications, including construction, and surface and underground mining. The greases reportedly display outstanding water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer shock load protection. These properties make the product suitable for use with pins and bushings on buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous miners, shaker screens, crushers and conveyors.

Two versions ó Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and 5% EP ó also are available. They accommodate a wide range of applications where 3% and 5% molybdenum content is required to meet OEM warranty requirements. The additive technology of these products makes them tenacious in adhering to metal surfaces found in demanding quarry environments while protecting vital machine components from wear, rust and corrosion, the company states.
Chevron Products Co., (502) 420-7074, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


FLSmidth Excel LLC has introduced the Raptor XL600 Cone Crusher, designed for medium- to high-tonnage aggregate operations. Suitable for quarries that need a secondary cone crusher with maximum throughput capacity of 1,000 tph, the machine handles feed sizes up to 14 inches. Although it incorporates a 600-hp motor, the XL600 operates efficiently at lower eccentric speeds. Crusher speed can be selected to maximize throughput, size reduction, product shape and yield. The 65-inch crushing head features a high pivot point and large stroke to ensure better crushing action, the company reports. It can replace cone crushers with a 59-inch head diameter or larger without major modifications.
FLSmidth Excel LLC, (309) 347-3031, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


The Metalarm MA3600 Metal Detector from Eriez features pulse induction technology to provide balanced coil detection sensitivity and performance. The design ensures high-specification metal detection that is suitable for quarries, mines and other arduous locations. To handle different sensitivity requirements, the MA3600 is available in two models: the Eagle and the Hawk. Both models are microprocessor-based with self-diagnostics and fault indication, which allows varied operating frequency to better suit different applications and sensitivities. The control has a 20-segment LED display and a dual channel for metal and belt clip signals with coarse and fine sensitivity control. Supplied as a flat pack, the metal detector reportedly is easy to install. During installation, there is no need to cut the conveyor belt, so production is not interrupted.
Eriez, (888) 300-3743, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled the L220F Hybrid wheel loader, which reportedly offers a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. The heart of the prototype system is an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) coupled to a battery featuring more power capacity than a traditional lead acid battery. The ISG allows the diesel engine to be turned off when stationary and instantly restarted by rapidly spinning the engine up to optimum working speed using a burst of energy from the high-power battery. The ISG reportedly can overcome a diesel engine's traditional problem of low torque at low engine speeds by automatically offering a massive torque boost, as the ISG's electric motor offers torque up to 700 Nm from a standstill. As a result, the diesel engine can remain off for long periods when it would otherwise be idling. In addition, the operator does not need to over-rev the engine in order to get sufficient torque to work. The battery is replenished automatically, with the ISG acting as a dynamo/alternator.
Volvo Construction Equipment, (828) 650-2000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


The Lokotrack LT7150 mobile VSI plant from Metso Minerals can be used as part of a two or three-stage crushing and screening process. According to the manufacturer, the original Lokotrack mobile crushing concept and Barmac Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) technology have been integrated. As a result, the LT7150 is the first Lokotrack with Barmac VSI on board. The crusher reportedly allows step-less control of product grading and produces superior cubical end products. The rotor accepts feed sizes up to 2.6 inches, accelerates material and continuously discharges it into the crushing chamber. Particle exit velocities range from 150 to 245 feet per second. The crusher runs on a direct hydraulic motor, eliminating the need for V-belts and enabling a fully adjustable tip speed using the automated control panel. In addition, the feed from the rotor and the cascading material recombine using the rock-on-rock action to form a continuous cloud of airborne particles moving around the crusher. Excess material is prevented from flowing through the rotor overflows via cascade ports. The LT7150 can be fed by conveyor, excavator or wheel loader.
Metso Minerals Industries, (262) 717-2639, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Both the ROC L7 and ROC L7CR crawler rigs from Atlas Copco have been upgraded to include a larger power pack and engine, enabling them to utilize 54 hp for drilling, compared to the 40 hp offered by previous models. This reportedly provides a 33% potential increase in penetration rates. In addition, a new cylinder-feed system and aluminum feed beam ensure accurate and consistent feed force. The aluminum feed beam is not only lighter than its steel counterpart; it is structurally stronger and more resistant to bending. The ROC L7 and ROC L7CR now have a Stage-3/Tier-3 engine, which meets new exhaust emission limits. The rigs deliver exactly the power needed during each phase of the drilling cycle to reduce fuel consumption, the company reports. They also come equipped with a large fuel tank (providing 12 hours of continuous operation) and secured start-up through high-power generator and batteries.
Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC, (720) 235-2325, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Caterpillar has introduced the D7E, an electric drive, track-type tractor in the 60,000-pound weight range. Powered by a 235-hp engine, it reportedly delivers 10% greater productivity and 10% lower operating costs than the D7R Series II. Within the power train, the diesel engine drives a generator to produce electricity that ultimately powers two AC electric-drive motors, which are connected to a differential steering system. A traditional mechanical transmission is not needed, because the variable-speed electric motors serve the function of a continuously variable transmission. The electric-drive train has 60% fewer moving parts compared to previous D7s. The electric system also provides power to auxiliary components, so no engine belts are needed. In addition, the cab provides improved visibility and wider sight lines to the blade, the company reports.


Dressta's TD-25M Extra series crawler dozers feature a more powerful Tier-3 Cummins engine to meet lower emission requirements. Net power has increased to 330 hp, up from 320 hp for the previous models. Maximum torque also has increased 11% to 1,346 feet-pounds. Maximum power is now attained at 1,800 rpm, 300 rpm lower than previously, reducing overall noise levels. To absorb the higher power and torque at lower engine speeds, Dressta has revised the torque converter, hydraulic pump drives and final drives.

Also released with the TD-25M Extra series is a gear range preselection system and an automatic downshift function, which offers the operator the choice of various automatic operating modes, especially useful in cyclical operations. Also included is a variable speed, hydraulically driven fan, designed to match the varying heat loads on the dozer. The TD-25M Extra has an operating weight of 79,873 pounds and blade capacity, in soil, up to 15 cubic yards.


GreyStone's Aggre-Dry FMW screen is a 36-inch sand-dewatering unit that combines a fine-material screw and dewatering screen to produce sand and gravel products with a moisture content as low as 8 to 13% by weight, while using only 30 hp to wash and dewater up to 100 tph.

Working as a single unit, the Aggre-Dry's inclined, single-spiral, fine material washer (FMW) initially dewaters the material, doing the bulk of the work. At the same time, the rotation of the dewatering screw scrubs the material to help remove surface dirt. The action of the screw flights sends the sand up the inclined tub, and assures that the attached dewatering screen is evenly fed. The vibratory dewatering screen further removes moisture from the sand.

This combined process produces a caked, dry sand product that neither an inclined dewatering screw nor a vibratory screen can achieve separately. Finally, this GreyStone unit re-introduces the throughs from the screen back into the screw's washing process, where the screw again pushes the material to the unit's dewatering screen, increasing the amount of salable product.
GreyStone Inc., (402) 564-9505, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


The Terex Pegson 1300 Maxtrak cone crusher features the Automax ìall in feedî cone design and is engineered for high tonnage, specification and flexibility, with low operating costs. The self-contained plant design includes a belt feeder with an integral hopper that can be fed with full level control from a conveyor, bucket loader or Pegson Premiertrak. The whole feeder/hopper assembly can be hydraulically lowered into the feed ring for transport or raised for re-metalling. The on-plant conveyor has a metal detector as standard. The crusher feed chute has a level probe and dust sprays.

Power is supplied by a CAT C12 with HPO heavy-duty clutch. System 2 hydraulic controls are standard. The 1300 Maxtrak with Automax can utilize greater engine power and low friction loss. The ìall in feedî process with level control for choke feeding is designed to maximize throughput and production, optimize shape and minimize wear in secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications.

To maximize service life and product flow, minimize friction loss, eliminate ìbowl bounceî and simplify maintenance, Automax crushers do not use plain bearings, bronze bushings or bronze bearing seat; there are no accumulators for tramp metal release, and no spider bearing above the cone head.

The 1300 Maxtrak requires fewer screens and conveyors; so overall plant cost is reduced. The hydraulic system can be adjusted quickly and easily, even while crushing. And the unit has direct readout of crusher setting and manganese wear.
Terex Pegson, (502) 736-5200, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


KPI-JCI has released a 22-page brochure featuring its complete line of material-handling equipment including portable and stationary conveyors, radial stackers, Super Stackers, transfer conveyors and reclaim tunnels. The four-color brochure reflects design features and specifications for each model of each series of equipment.
Kolberg-Pioneer, (800) 542-9311, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,