Rock Mining The Oldest Profession

For those having a difficult time making the case with political and community leaders that aggregate mining and processing aids the economy, here's another tact—it maybe the oldest profession and one that helped early humans prosper

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Va. Aggregate Operations Awarded

The Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance and the Virginia Department of Mines handed out awards to that state's top performing mines for safety, reclaimation and community relations

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Iima-Na Forms Kaolin Section

The Industrial Minerals Association—North America has formed a new kaolin section. The founding members of this section are Active Minerals, Imerys, Unimin and U.S. Silica

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U.S. Concrete Nears Financial Reorganization

A U.S. bankruptcy court’s granting of a request to confirm a plan of organization, converting $285 million in senior notes to equity shares, will likely enable U.S. Concrete to emerge from Chapter 11 proceedings by the end of August

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Granite Construction Personnel Moves

After 14 years as Granite Construction's vice president and general counsel, Michael Futch, will retire Aug. 31

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