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Is ‘Good Enough’ Really Enough?

It was a hot and humid spring day and the three-man crew had just changed out the gear case on the secondary crusher in record time. Best of all, no one got hurt – not even a busted knuckle. The lead mechanic, Dave, had directed the entire operation and was anxious to test-run the crusher.

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Consent Decree Filed Where Operator Threatened, Fired Gun Around Inspectors

U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin Settle approved a consent decree for a permanent injunction against Andersen & Sons Gravel, and owner Eric Andersen, from preventing MSHA inspections at the company’s mining operation based in Clallam County, Wash.

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Five Minutes With Joe Main

92 JoeMain 150Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health Joseph A. Main Talks Impact Inspections, Low Fatalities and Boots on the Ground.

By Mark Kuhar

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Mouse Trap

88 Health 150As we proceed through a normal day we expect to encounter a certain amount of hazards. Most of these present low level risks and most are subject to control systems that are already in place and active. Just the same, we should pay attention to these as they occur (and whenever possible in advance). One of the tools that I have championed is the risk assessment. The risk assessment may be applied at the field level (FLRA – Field Level Risk Assessment), at the institutional level (ERA – Enterprise Risk Assessment) and at various levels in between. A risk rating at any application level is a function of the likelihood that an event might occur, and the impact of the consequence of that event.

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