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Pennsy Moves Process Forward

Dorrance Township, Pa., residents were allowed to comment on a quarry's plan to move operations to the south side of Small Mountain Road, according to the Standard Speaker.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approved a conditional use permit in May and the Dorrance Township Planning Commission recommended approval by the supervisors after a hearing later in the month.

Officials from Pennsy Supply, owners of the quarry, fielded questions pertaining to such issues as hours of operation, including peak hours for the stone-crushing operation; specific environmental concerns, including water usage and impact on water wells in the township; notification on blasting hours; dust issues, and other concerns.

About 40 homes will be closer to the quarry when the operations move to the south side of Small Mountain Road. Most of the opposition to the move has been from a handful of residents who will be most affected.

Pennsy Supply has said the future of jobs at the quarry could depend on this conditional use permit. The company said as many as 150 jobs could be lost; however, people opposing the move of the quarry believe the number would be much lower. The company said it has exhausted resources on the north side of the mountain and that the move will enable the operation to continue in the area.