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What Kind Of Role Model Are You?

You Cannot Expect Your Employees To Do Things That You Are Not Doing Yourself.

By Steve Schumacher

Over the years, one of the consistent things that I have found with managers and leaders is that they cannot be objective about their own behavior. I do not think, as humans, any of us truly can. That is where getting objective, non-judgmental feedback about your behavior as a manager is crucial.

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Baby Boomer Brain Drain

By Steve Schumacher

When Your Veteran Employees Retire, It May Cause A Drop In Skills And Productivity, But There Is Something You Can Do About It.

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The Downside Of Being Connected To Work 24/7

By Steve Schumacher

Keep An Eye On How Electronics Impact Employees In The Workplace, As Well As How They May Be Affecting Their Personal Lives.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans have at least one cellphone and more than half of those people use their phones to go onto the internet. Cellphone and smartphone usage is pervasive in every aspect of American life.

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