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Giving Nature a Boost

Thousands of rainbow trout teem through sparkling waters at an aquaculture facility run by Stoller Canada at McMillan Pond in the Aberfoyle area of south-central Ontario, about 40 minutes from Toronto.

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Clean Diesel: Fueling a Decade of Change

The Shift To Cleaner Diesel Fuel Has Led To Major Environmental Accomplishments.

Ten years after the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in 2006, the Diesel Technology Forum recognizes the role of the shift to cleaner diesel fuel and its importance in the major environmental accomplishments that were celebrated during National Clean Air Month last month.

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Acella Produces, Eco-Friendly Polyurethane Tire Fill

55 TireDumpMost Americans probably don’t know that the U.S. alone produces 290 million tires annually – and each year, a significant number of these tires age and are discarded, adding to the 4 billion tires already in our international landfills.  Tires, of course, are a necessary and essential part of the global transportation industry.  Their use in Off-the-Road (OTR) industries such as mining, agriculture and construction are pivotal to growing our planet’s infrastructure and economy – but this doesn’t change the fact that used, “tossed out” tires are a major environmental pollutant. 

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Aggregate Industries Quarry Honored by IAAP

Aggregate Industries’ McHenry Sand and Gravel site received the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers (IAAP) Industry Leadership Award. This award is given to member mine sites that have demonstrated leadership in the industry while promoting the image and wellbeing of their mine sites, employees and the industry as a whole.

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