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Is Bigger Better?

The news that Martin Marietta Materials was seeking a hostile takeover of Vulcan Materials hit like a ton of aggregate, not just within our industry, but in the national media as well. There have been some major mergers and takeover attempts recently that made big news, most notably the failed AT&T/T-Mobile deal. But this one hits close to home.

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Clash of the Titans

There’s nothing like ending the year with a few fireworks and a little controversy. That’s pretty much what you get when the head of the nation’s most powerful mining regulatory agency butts heads with one of the industry’s firebrand columnists.

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This is Like Pulling Teeth

My father was a dentist, so I know a little bit about pulling teeth. And I can tell you, getting adequate funding for transportation and infrastructure projects through Congress has been like a fight to the finish with a mandibular lateral incisor.

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Unspeakable Tragedy

When the news came, it was unexpected as it was unwelcomed. A source was calling on the phone to tell me there had been a shooting at a Lehigh Hanson quarry in California. My worst fears were confirmed when I went to CNN’s website, and there it was as breaking news, in garish type at the top of the site.

By now, the statistics are widely known: Three people killed and six wounded. A seventh victim, from an attempted carjacking after the incident, was also admitted to a hospital. And the man who pulled the trigger? Dead as well. He killed himself during a shootout with sheriff’s deputies.

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Keep Highways at Federal Level

Well, here they go again. Once again the idea of turning over the nation’s surface-transportation program to the states has reared its ugly head.

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