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All for AGG1, AGG1 for All

The Three Musketeers never worked in a quarry, but their familiar cry, “All for one, one for all,” can be modified to reflect the big event in the aggregates industry this year. Without question it is, “All for AGG1, AGG1 for All,” because there is something at the show for everyone.

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More Bang for Your Buck

Much like you, we here at Rock Products are producers. While you produce construction aggregates, specialty sand products, cement or other construction materials, we produce information, specifically focusing on the equipment and technology that is so vital to your productivity and profitability.

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Taking A Leap Ahead

As we kick off 2013, we pause to take a look at where we currently are as an industry, and where we might potentially go. Our Outlook/Forecast feature starting on page 16 gives you the entire scoop.

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Not Digging for Rocks This Time, Only Airplanes

By Mark S. Kuhar

Two excavators and a backhoe made by Staffordshire, England-based JCB are about to embark on a mission to help recover Spitfire warplanes designed by one of that county’s most famous sons and believed to be buried in Burma. The unassembled planes are thought to have been hidden in the ground by American engineers across three sites as World War II drew to a close.

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Looking Ahead

Election 2012 is over and we’re right back where we started – same president, same majorities in the House and Senate. Essentially nothing has changed except for the urgency to get the nation’s transportation crisis solved. With every passing day it becomes more urgent.

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