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Cadre Proppants Unveils Proppant-on-Demand System

Cadre Proppants unveiled what it is calling the world's first Proppant-on-Demand System (PoDS). The multi-million dollar project, located at Cadre's proppant facility in Voca, Texas, is designed to reduce costs associated with scheduling, transportation and storage of the large volumes of proppant required by companies engaged in the hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.

Cadre can now supply, within 24 hours, over 20 million lb. of proppant directly from the plant-site to a well-site in the Permian Basin or the Eagle Ford Shale, two of the most active producing regions in North America.

The new system comprises 90,000,000 lb. of on-site storage, seven loading bays, each with its own scale, 24/7 operations and the safest and most efficient shipping process in the industry, according to the company.

“Advancements in horizontal fracturing technology have led to a need for substantially larger volumes of proppant. This requirement has created logistical issues which, in turn, have led to escalating costs in the way of transportation and demurrage as well as additional storage resulting in tremendous inefficiencies,” said Jerry McGee, president and chief executive officer of Cadre. “With our PoDS, proppant goes directly by truck from the plant-site to the well-site, thus reducing or eliminating the logistical issues associated with proppant delivery and the risk of contamination or degradation that may result from multiple handling of product. Customers can now meet their needs from an existing inventory of API/ISO-quality proppant in close proximity to 50 percent of all active drilling land-rigs in the United States.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Cadre Proppants is a major supplier of API/ISO-quality Premium Hickory Sand to the oil and gas service industry. Cadre produces three products: Cadre 16/30, Cadre 20/40 and Cadre 30/50. Principal operations are located in Voca, Texas.