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A Maine construction-materials producer develops a quarry from the ground up and it now feeds a new ready mix plant As well.

By Mark S. Kuhar

Six years ago, a 100-acre parcel of land in Lyman, Maine, blossomed into a thriving aggregates operation, and Stonefield Aggregates was born. It was the first big step in creating a regional construction-materials company. That quarry is now the primary supplier to a new ready mix plant operated by sister company Hissong Ready-Mix & Aggregates LLC, and there is even greater growth planned for the future. CHALLENGE:
Open a “greenfield” quarry on 100 acres in Maine.
Focus production around a KPI-JCI Rocky Trax track-mounted plant.
The plant also makes a recycled road-base product comprised of about 75 percent crushed asphalt brought in by customers, 15 percent crushed concrete, which comes in as leftovers from their own ready mix deliveries, and additional miscellaneous stone.

“We saw a need for increased aggregates supply in this area, and started the quarry from the ground up,” said Jon Pizey, vice president, material sales, Hissong Development Corp. “There was only one other quarry locally, so this seemed like the right move to make.”

Both Stonefield Aggregates and Hissong Ready-Mix & Aggregates LLC  are part of The Hissong Group. Based in Kennebunk, Maine, The Hissong Group represents a diverse portfolio of independent businesses serving southern Maine with an “unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and integrity,” according to the company’s mission statement.

Stonefield Aggregates was a “greenfield” site. Permitting the plant was handled by a consulting engineer, according to Pizey. “ The entire process took about a year to complete, ” he said, “We must have done things right, as it went very smooth.”

Mining is currently focused on only about 20 acres of the site. “We are mining about 50 ft. deep and we’re not even halfway down yet,” Pizey said. “We probably have enough material here to last around 40 years.”

Up and Running
Getting a new quarry up and running always takes a bit of planning and strategic vision, but Stonefield Aggregates stepped up to the plate, and executed a processing plan without a hitch. Working with local equipment suppliers, new equipment was brought in to get the plant on-line quickly.

Drilling and blasting is contracted out to Cleveland-based Austin Powder, which blasts about once per month. “The plant is located in a relatively remote area, so we haven’t had many problems with community concerns about our blasts,”Pizey said.

Material is loaded at the quarry face using a Hyundai 450 excavator. The blast material is transported using a 35-ton Cat 735 articulated haul truck. Material is then dumped at a feed pile, which is worked using a Hyundai 360 excavator. The 360 keeps material moving to the primary crusher.

“Our main processing machine is a KPI-JCI FT2650 Rocky Trax track-mounted plant,” Pizey said. “The plant has worked very well for us.”

The 100,000-lb. plant, which features a 26 x 50-in. jaw, can produce up to 400 tph, according to the manufacturer. Stonefield Aggregates couples the Rocky Trax with a KPI-JCI FT300 cone for secondary crushing, which features a 5 x 20 triple-deck screen.

“Although we use a track-mounted machine, we don’t move it around that much,” Pizey said with regard to the Rocky Trax. “It’s nice to know we have that option however.”

Working in tandem with the KPI-JCI processing equipment is a Trio wash plant, with a 5 x 14 double-deck sceen. “We get good production and can make a variety of materials with our existing equipment but we think we can do even better, and will evaluate how to best configure the plant as we go forward,” Pizey said.

Products made at the plant include 3/4 in. crushed stone; a 3/8 in. blend; 1-1/2-in. septic material; a variety of rip rap products; and a 1-1/2 in. type A gravel, among other products.

“We also produce a recycled road base product at the plant,” Pizey said. “It is comprised of about 75 percent crushed asphalt brought in by customers, 15 percent crushed concrete, which comes in as leftovers from our own ready mix deliveries, and additional miscellaneous stone.”

Out the Gate
Truck loading is handled by two Hyundai loaders. Finished product goes out the front gate hauled either in trucks owned by the company, or the in the trucks of contractors. Either way, trucks have to pass over a Rice Lake Weighing Systems vehicle scale. “Loadout and ticketing is streamlined courtesy of Creative Information Systems scale and product software.

About 60 percent of the product sold at the plant goes to outside contractors, while the other 40 percent is used to service Hissong Ready-Mix and Aggregates, its own ready mix operations.

Hissong Ready-Mix and Aggregates provides ready mix concrete and aggregate products to communities throughout Southern Maine as well as Seacoast New Hampshire and surrounding areas. The staff at Hissong Ready-Mix and Aggregates has more than 80 years of combined experience in the concrete and aggregate industry, according to the company.  All of its trucks are equipped with front-discharge mixers.  
The Stonefield Aggregates site will supply material to the company’s new ready mix plant in Elliot, Maine. The plant, with a 225 yd./hour output, is located on a seven-acre site.

The company will apply for ">
  • Water quality.
  • Air quality.
  • Hazmat management.
  • Solid materials management.
  • Community issues.
  • Sustainability.
  • Carbon footprint best practices
  • Personnel training.
  • Continuous improvement.

Hissong Ready-Mix and Aggregates does not intend to stop now. It has dreams of opening another ready mix plant, and with its diversified business operations, is well positioned to make its mark as a premier supplier of construction materials in the New England marketplace.