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Working Like A Dog

AggregateIndustriesJune 11, 2012 – Aggregate Industries US (AIUS), a member of the Holcim Group, has been working like a dog. The company and Massachusetts Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team, one of 28 Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces throughout the country, hosted what is known as a FEMA Canine Certification. The event was held on Saturday, June 9th, at the Aggregate Industries K-9 Testing Facility in Littleton, Mass. Rescue dogs and their handlers underwent rigorous testing, including a search for volunteer human “survivors” under piles of rubble. AIUS built the Littleton K-9 Testing Facility in 2010 when the company first hosted the event. The highly realistic course is crucial to prepare the teams for emergencies where recovery is often a matter of life and death.