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NIMBY up North

nimby2May 3, 2011 – There is a major NIMBY storm brewing in Canada. The Highland Companies is seeing local opposition to its proposed Melancthon Township, Ontario,  mega-quarry. The site is located in prime farmland in Ontario’s potato-growing region known for a rare type of soil that is particularly suited to potato cultivation, the locals say. If allowed to proceed it would reportedly be the second-largest U.S. owned quarry in Canada. “It will destroy productive farmland and threaten the headwaters of three important rivers – the Grand, the Nottawasaga and the Pine- water sources for one million people.” Carl Cosack, a local cattle and horse rancher told the local media. “200 ft. below the water table is deeper than Niagara Falls and will require the extraction of 600 million litres of water per day. They claim it will not have a negative impact, it’s simply not credible. The company application runs more than 3,100 pages, and took five years and 20 consulting firms to create. The public was given 45 days to respond." The Highand Companies disputes claims that its operation will have a negative environmental impact. Read its response here. Look for a full story in an upcoming issue of Rock Products.