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Attend a Free Drone Webinar

RR060917 dronesJune 8, 2017 – Interested in a free drone webinar? On June 15 at 2:00 p.m. EST, Brian Biggerstaff, environmental manager at CSA Materials, will discuss how his company uses the Kespry Automated Drone System for inventory management, environmental management and visualizing shot blasts. Learn how actionable insights from drone data are saving companies time and money. Questions can be submitted before (via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and during the live webinar (via chat). To register for the webinar, "How an Aggregates Company Uses Drone Data," go here.

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The Tank of Gas is Half-Full

RR060117 pumpJune 1, 2017 – According to Politco's Morning Transportation, there's a new chapter in the Trump administration's ongoing gas tax saga – White House infrastructure adviser Richard LeFrak said that he's in favor of raising the gas tax. Though, he argued it wouldn't really be a raise since "you'd be leveling it to where it would have been had they adjusted it for inflation in 1993." He said the 18.4-cent gas tax is worth far less now than it was when it was imposed, and improved fuel economy has also eaten away at revenues. Thank you. That is what we have been maintaining for years.

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MSHA Announces Rule Extension

MSHA logoMay 22, 2017 – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration announced it is extending the effective date of the agency’s final rule on Examinations of Working Places in Metal and Nonmetal Mines until Oct. 2, 2017. This extension will allow additional time for MSHA to provide training and compliance assistance for its stakeholders. MSHA is developing a variety of compliance assistance materials to assist the industry, which the agency will make available to stakeholders and post on its website. MSHA claims the extension will enable the agency to hold informational meetings and focus on compliance assistance visits at various locations around the country. Additional time will also allow MSHA to train its inspectors to assure consistent enforcement. The truth is, MSHA's regulatory authority will be very much curtailed for the foreseeable future.

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Conservative Groups Draw Line in Sand on Infrastructure

RR051117 conservativeMay 11, 2017 – A coalition of conservative groups laid out a wish list for what they want in President Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure package – and it could spell trouble for the key White House policy effort, according to The Hill. In a letter sent to the administration and key members of Congress, the organizations fired their opening salvo in the upcoming infrastructure debate, urging policy makers to prioritize “fiscal responsibility” as they work on Trump’s yet-to-be unveiled proposal. The wish list is divided into six priorities: reform the environmental review process, repeal labor regulations, focus on “core” infrastructure projects, empower the states, fully pay for projects and reform spending instead of creating new funding streams. The conservative groups strongly oppose the idea of using new revenues from repatriation – taxing corporate earnings currently oversees at a lower rate when they return to the U.S. That funding tool was seen as one of the more appealing and potentially bipartisan funding offsets on Capitol Hill.

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